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Faculty Committee Appointments

The FAC is about to begin the process of making committee assignments for next year, and we need to know your current service commitments and preferences.

Please fill out the information below by Friday, June 7, at 4 p.m. If you do not complete this form, the FAC will assume that you are willing, able, and eager to serve on any FAC-appointed committee.

This form also helps us maintain an accurate database of faculty service commitments, so that we may try to achieve an equitable distribution of service assignments. Therefore, we need all faculty to fill out this form regardless of their current appointments.  Current committee assignments with terms of service indicated can be accessed here.

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First Name:*
Last Name:*
Please list the major service commitments and committee assignments you anticipate for 2013-14. Include all your College committee assignments, not only the FAC-appointed ones. Please also note any other service or professional obligations that may have a bearing on your committee appointment.
Appointed committee assignments:
Elected committee assignments:
Departmental Service Commitments:
Other Service Committments:
How satisfied are you with the appointed or elected committee work that you have been doing? Please be specific and reference particular committees that you have been on.
Committee Satisfaction:
If you do not already have an elected or FAC-appointed committee assignment for 2013-14, or if you want to change committees (please provide an explanation at the end of the form), please indicate three committees on which you would be interested in serving. The following committees have openings.
Select Committees:
If you have preferences among the three you have indicated above, please list them here; if you want to switch a current assignment indicate why here. THANKS!
Committee Preference(s):