Administrative and Governance Committees -- 2008-2009


Academic Standing Committee (ASC) (A Subcommittee of College Council)

  • Staff: Joe Baggot [Co-Chair and Convener], Cathy Carlson, Liz Ciner, Roger Lasley
  • Faculty: Mark Hansell (3), Anna Moltchanova (1), David Musicant [Co-Chair] (2)
  • Students: Amariah Becker '11, Lauren Jarocha '09, Martha Perez '09

Accessibility Awareness Committee

  • Staff:
  • Faculty:
  • Students:
  • NOTE: This committee is among those groups on hiatus for 2008-09 while the faculty increase their representation on two major initiatives: the curriculum review and the continued accreditation process.

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (AFAC)

  • Staff: Jim Fergerson [ex officio], Patricia Langer [ex officio], Rod Oto [ex officio], Fred Rogers [ex officio], Paul Thiboutot [ex officio and Convener]
  • Faculty: Fernan Jaramillo (1), Daniela Kohen (3), Justin London [Chair] (2), Donna Ricks (3)
  • Students: Peter Antonov '09 [Liaison] [F], Emogene Schilling '10 [Liaison] [W,S], Rebecca Gourevitch '12, Alexander Gutierrez '11, Adam Karas '10, Carolyn Morales '09

Administrative Computing Advisory Committee

  • Staff: Julie Anderson [ex officio], Bruce Colwell [ex officio], Joel Cooper [ex officio], Les LaCroix [ex officio], Roger Lasley [ex officio], Rod Oto [ex officio], Linda Thornton [ex officio]
  • Faculty: None
  • Students: None

Advisory Committee for Academic Computing

  • Staff: Joel Cooper [ex officio and Convener], Bev Nagel [ex officio], Andrea Nixon [ex officio], Cynthia Shearer [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Laura Chihara (3), Nathan Grawe (3), Diane Nemec-Ignashev [Chair] (1), Stephen Mohring (2)
  • Students: None

Advisory Council on College and Community Relations

  • Staff: Dan Bergeson, Bruce Colwell, Mark Gleason, Joe Hargis [Chair and Convener], Steve Spehn, Becky Zrimsek
  • Faculty: Cliff Clark, Mike Hemesath
  • Students: None

Arboretum Committee

  • Staff: Dennis Easley [ex officio], Matt Elbert [ex officio], Eva Posfay [ex officio, Chair and Convener]
  • Faculty: Nancy Braker [ex officio], Leon Lunder [ex officio], Mark McKone [ex officio], Mary Savina [ex officio]
  • Students: None

Benefits Committee

  • Staff: Linda Laughlin [ex officio, non-voting, Convener], Linda Mueller [SAC Representative], Sandy Pieri, Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Linda Stadler, Mike Tompos [Chair]
  • Faculty: Cliff Clark (2), Gregory Hewett (2)
  • Students: None

Bookstore Committee

  • Staff: Dan Bergeson [ex officio], Fred Rogers [ex officio], David Schlosser [ex officio], Christopher Tassava
  • Faculty: Roger Jackson (3)
  • Students: Brooke Davis '11, Adam Karas, '10, Jessie Hao '12, Wei Qi Tan '11, Becca Wang '11

Budget Committee

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [Chair and Convener] [ex officio], Jim Fergerson [ex officio], Patricia Langer [ex officio], Bev Nagel [ex officio], Brent Nystrom [Forum Representative], Lois Perkins [SAC Representative], Fred Rogers [ex officio], Linda Thornton [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Mark Kanazawa [College Council Representative] (2), Steve Strand (2)
  • Students: Pablo Kenney '09, Sam Ritter '10

Campus Design Advisory Committee (A Subcommittee of College Council)

  • Staff: Jim Fergerson [Forum Representative] (3), Fred Rogers [ex officio], Steve Spehn [ex officio], Carol Thunem [SAC Representative] (3)
  • Faculty: Mark McKone (3), George Vrtis (3), Lawrence Wichlinski [Chair] (3)
  • Students: Wei Qi Tan '11, Charlotte Turovsky '11

Career Center Committee

  • Staff:
  • Faculty:
  • Students: None
  • NOTE: This committee is currently re-organizing. Please contact Richard Berman, Director of the Career Center, for more information.

Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (CRIC)

  • Staff: Fred Rogers [ex officio], Shannon Schulz (3), David Schlosser (3)
  • Faculty: Mike Hemesath [ex officio], David Lefkowitz (1)
  • Students: Eilidh Higgins '11, Nora Mahlberg '09, Alexander Persaud '09, Nathaniel Rosenblum '10, Cristina Sainati '10

Carleton Student Association (CSA) Senate

  • Officers: Caitlin Fleming '09 [President] [F,W], Pablo Kenney '09 [Vice President] [F,W], Sam Ritter '10 [Treasurer] [F,W]
  • Senators: Chase Kimball '10, Whittney Smith '10, Nimo Ali '11, Charlotte Turovsky '11, Jinai Bharucha '11, Jack Boller '09, Brandon Walker '09, Colin Bottles '09, McKay Duer '10, Wei Qui Tan '11, Dominic Vendell '09, Kelsey Sloan '10
  • AFAC Liaison: Peter Antonov '09 [F], Emogene Schilling '10 [W,S]
  • College Council Members: Ben Barclay '09, Evan Rowe '09
  • CSL Liaison: Lindsey Shaughnessy '09
  • EAC Liaison: Vera Chang '09
  • ECC Liaison: Cat McMurtry '09
  • Intercampus Liaison: Erika Pearson '10

Civic Engagement and Service Committee

  • Information coming soon!

College Council

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio], Robbie Groth [SAC Representative] (1), Stefanie Morrison [Forum Representative] (2), Rob Oden [Chair and Convener] [ex officio], Fred Rogers [ex officio], Hudlin Wagner [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Peter Balaam (1), Clara Hardy [ex officio - FAC Chair] (2), Mark Kanazawa [Budget Committee Representative] (2), Steve Kennedy (2), Mary Savina [ex officio - Faculty President] (1)
  • Students: Ben Barclay '09 [Liaison], Paul Ellebrecht '10, Caitlin Fleming '09, Peter Ladner '10, Evan Rowe '09 [Liaison]
  • Trustee Observer: Jim Johnson '64
  • Alumni Observer: Lee Mauk '63, Louise Heffelfinger '54 [Alternate]
  • Secretary: Aisling Quigley '09

Committee on Convocation and Common Conversation (CCCC)

  • Staff: Joy Kluttz [ex officio], Kerry Raadt [ex officio and Coordinator]
  • Faculty: Chico Zimmerman [ex officio]
  • Students: Trevor Hill '11

Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (CEDI) (A Subcommittee of College Council)

  • Staff: Ann Iijima, Julie Thornton, Jill Tollefson, Kaaren Williamsen, Becky Zrimsek [Co-Chair]
  • Faculty: Cindy Blaha [Co-Chair], Arjendu Pattanayak
  • Students: Helen Ashton '10, Sam Ritter '10

Copyright Committee

  • Staff: Matt Bailey, Kevin Chapman, Heidi Eyestone, Iris Jastram, Jaye Lawrence, Andrea Nixon [Chair], Vonnie Otte
  • Faculty: Bill North
  • Students: Justin Jack '12

Dining Board

  • Staff: Allison Albritton [ex officio], Dan Bergeson [ex officio, Co-Chair and Convener], Greg Colline [ex officio], Steve Wisener [ex officio and Co-Chair]
  • Faculty: None
  • Students: McKay Duer '10, Chelsea Jones '09, Becca Kilman '11, Amy Sun '11

Distinguished Women Visitors

  • Staff: Jesse Stremcha (3), Julia Uleberg-Swanson (3), Kaaren Williamsen [Chair and Convener] (1)
  • Faculty: Tammy Metcalf-Filzen (1), Asuka Sango (3)
  • Students: Marlene Edelstein '11

Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC)

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [Co-Chair and Convener], Liz Ciner [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Mike Hemesath (1), Greg Marfleet (3), Susannah Ottaway (1), George Shuffleton [Co-Chair Elect] (3), Bill Titus [Co-Chair] (1)
  • Students: Paul Ellebrecht '10, Robert Martin '11 [F,W], Cat McMurtry '09 [Liaison], Moshe Lavi '11 [S], Ariel VandeVoorde '09, Hannah Weinstein '09

Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

  • Staff: Rob Lamppa [Chair and Convener] [ex officio], Amy Sillanpa [ex officio], Steve Spehn [ex officio]
  • ENTS 5th Year Intern: Chris Erickson
  • Faculty: Andy Clark (3), Mark Kanazawa [ex officio], Mike Kowalewski (3)
  • Students: Katie Blanchard '10, Nora Mahlberg '09 [Liaison], Ray McGaughey '11


  • Information coming soon!

Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)

  • Staff: None
  • Faculty: Fred Hagstrom (1), Clara Hardy [Chair and Convener] (2), Jeff Ondich (1), Lori Pearson (2), Mary Savina [ex officio] (1), Sarah Titus (2)
  • Students: None

Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC)

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio, Co-Chair and Convener], Fred Rogers [ex officio, Co-Chair and Convener]
  • Faculty: Mark Kanazawa [ex officio] (3), Al Montero (2), Hector Valdivia (2)
  • Students: None

Faculty Council

  • Staff: None
  • Faculty:
  • Students: None
  • NOTE: This committee is among those groups on hiatus for 2008-09 while the faculty increase their representation on two major initiatives: the curriculum review and the continued accreditation process.

Faculty Curricular Planning Committee (FCPC)

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio, Chair and Convener]
  • Faculty: Mike Hemesath (1), Greg Marfleet (3), Susannah Ottaway (1), George Shuffleton (3), Bill Titus (1)
  • Students: None

Faculty Grants Committee

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio, Chair and Convener], Rob Oden [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Robert Dobrow (2), Adriana Estill (2), Kathleen Galotti (2), Scott Carpenter (2)
  • Students: None

Faculty Judiciary Committee

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio and Convener]
  • Faculty: Members: Kenneth Abrams (2), Laura Chihara (2), Angela Curran (2), Eric Egge (2), Victoria Morse (1) Alternates: Marion Cass (2), Anna Moltchanova (1), Jamie Monson (2), Arjendu Pattanayak (1), Joel Weisberg (2)
  • Students: None

Faculty Personnel Advisors

  • Faculty: Cindy Blaha, Jackson Bryce, Scott Carpenter [F,W], Cliff Clark, Michael Flynn [F,W], Kathie Galotti, Clara Hardy, Deanna Haunsperger, Susan Jaret McKinstry, Adeeb Khalid, Elizabeth McKinsey [W, S], Louis Newman [S], Mary Savina, Susan Singer, Katie Sparling, Dana Strand [F,W], Steve Strand [F, W], Larry Wichlinski

Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC)

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio, Chair and Convener], Rob Oden [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Carol Donelan (2), Steve Drew (3), Melinda Russell (1), John Ramsay (3), Cathy Yandell (3)
  • Students: None

The Forum Steering Committee

  • Exempt Staff Members: Tom Baraniak [Co-Chair and Convener] (2), Brent Nystrom [Co-Chair and Convener] (2); [Budget Committee Representative] (1), Julia Burmesch, Jim Fergerson [Campus Design Advisory Committee Representative] (3), Sarah Forster, Doug Foxgrover, Stefanie Morrison [College Council Representative] (2), Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Kate Spurgeon, Christopher Tassava, Sue Traxler
  • Faculty: None
  • Students: None

Health Professions Programs, Advisory Committee on

  • Staff: Richard Berman [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Joe Chihade, Nelson Christensen, Steve Drew, Gretchen Hofmeister, Fernan Jaramillo, John Tymoczko [Chair and Convener], Debby Walser-Kuntz, Stephan Zweifel
  • Students: None

Honorary Degrees Committee

  • Staff: Scott Bierman [ex officio], Joe Hargis [ex officio and Convener], Rob Oden [ex officio], Becky Zrimsek [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Nancy Cho (3), Adeeb Khalid [Chair] (2), Jay Levi (2)
  • Students: None

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

  • Staff: Bev Nagel [ex officio], Judy Tabert
  • Faculty: Joe Chihade (2), Debby Walser-Kuntz, Lawrence Wichlinski [Chair and Convener]
  • Students: None
  • Off-Campus Members: Rich Lorang D.V.M., Allan Nelson

Institutional Research and Assessment Advisory Committee (IRAAC)

  • Staff: Julie Anderson [ex officio], Bruce Colwell [ex officio], Joel Cooper [ex officio], Jim Fergerson [Chair] [Convener], Patricia Langer [ex officio], Eva Posfay [ex officio], Carol A. Rutz [ex officio], Paul Thiboutot [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Robert Dobrow (2), Chico Zimmerman [ex officio]
  • Students: None

Institutional Review Board for Research on Human Subjects (IRB)

  • Staff: Bev Nagel [ex officio], Andrea Nixon (3), Christopher Tassava (3)
  • Faculty: Angela Curran (1), Lauren Feiler (2), Greg Marfleet [Chair and Convener] (1), Nadar Saiedi (1)
  • Students: None
  • Off-Campus Member: Kari Nelson

Job Classification Review Committee

  • Staff: Beth Dahle (1), Jeanne Estrem (1), Jean Goss (3), Cris Jensen (3), Nancy Loesch (1), Carol Rutz (3)
  • Faculty: None
  • Students: None

Judicial Hearing Board (JHB)

  • Hearing Officer: Martha Paas Alternate: Sharon Akimoto
  • Staff: Julia Burmesch (2) Alternate: Richard Goerwitz (2)
  • Faculty: Mark Krusemeyer Alternate: Katie Sparling
  • Students: Sam Benshoof '09, Hannah Jensen '12 Alternate: Jordan Smith '10

Junior Faculty Affairs Committee

  • Staff: None
  • Faculty: Meherun Ahmed (2), Amy Csizmar Dalal (1), Mija Van Der Wege [Chair and Convener] (3)
  • Students: None

Language Requirement Exemption Committee (A Subcommittee of ASC)

  • Staff: Liz Ciner [ex officio, non-voting, Chair and Convener]
  • Faculty: Jackson Bryce, Silvia Lopez
  • Students: None

Law and Public Administration, Advisory Committee on

  • Staff: None
  • Faculty: Jenny Wahl [Chair]
  • Students: None

Learning and Teaching Center Advisory Committee

  • Staff: Jennifer Cox Johnson [ex officio], Mitchell Madson, Andrea Nixon, Carolyn Sanford
  • Faculty: Deanna Haunsperger (2), Carol Rutz [ad hoc], Noboru Tomonari (1), Carolyn Wong (1), Chico Zimmerman [ex officio, Chair and Convener]
  • Students: Ariel VandeVoorde '09

LGBT Council

  • Staff: Carol Eyler [Co-Chair], Jennifer Gildner, Mark Lofstrom, Kaaren Williamsen, Steve Wisener [Co-Chair]
  • Faculty: Lawrence Archbold, Kelly Connole, Anna Igra
  • Students: None

Library Committee

  • Staff: Sam Demas [ex officio], Bev Nagel [ex officio], Andrea Nixon [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Baird Jarman (1), William Hollingsworth (2), Constance Walker [Chair and Convener] (2)
  • Students: Katie Blanchard '10, Becca Kilman '11

Off-Campus Studies Committee (OCSC)

  • Staff: Liz Ciner [ex officio], Barb Fowler [ex officio], Helena Kaufman [ex officio, Chair and Convener]
  • Faculty: Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg (1), Pierre Hecker (2), Stephan Zweifel (2)
  • Students: None

Recreation Center Advisory Committee

  • Staff: Aaron Chaput [ex officio], Joe Hargis [ex officio], Mikki Showers [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Laurence Cooper (1), Leon Lunder [ex officio], John Tymoczko (3)
  • Students: Paul Ellebrecht '10, Johara Sulieman '12

Safety Committee

  • Information coming soon!

Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault Resource & Education (S.H.A.R.E.) Committee

  • Consultant: Joanne Mulllen [ex officio]
  • Gender/Sexualilty Center Director: Kaaren Williamsen [ex officio]
  • Staff: Jean Goss (1), Marit Lysne (2)
  • Faculty: Deborah Gross (1), Joel Weisberg [Chair and Convener] (2)
  • Students: Ishraf Ahmad '09, Robin Viele '10

Sexual Misconduct Review Board (SMRB)

  • Hearing Officer: Information coming soon!
  • Staff: Kristi Wermager (1) Alternates: Sarah Rechtzigel (1), Jean Sherwin (3)
  • Faculty: Aaron Rushing (2) Alternates: Marion Cass (2), Leon Lunder (3)
  • Students: Sam Ritter '10

Staff at Carleton (SAC)

  • Officers: Martha Jirovec [Co-Chair and Convener] (2), Noel Ponder [Co-Chair and Convener] (1), Vicki Burgess [Secretary], Robbie Groth [College Council Representative] (1), Linda Mueller [Benefits Committee Representative], Lois Perkins [Budget Committee Representative], Fred Rogers [Administrative Representative]
  • Board of Representatives: East Side: Patt Germann [Representative], Lorie Tuma [Representative], Carol Engel [Alternate], Tami Little [Alternate], Laird: Deborah Ludwig [Representative], Charlene Hamblin [Alternate], Sayles-Hill/Shop: Sue Bovbjerg [Representative], Vacant [Representative], Vacant [Alternate], Vacant [Alternate], Library: Veronica Otte [Representative], Lois Perkins [Alternate], Leighton: Nancy Loesch [Representative], Cindy Grisim [Representative], Christine Krejci [Alternate], Vacant [Alternate], South Side: Linda Mueller [Representative], Jennifer Whitson [Representative], Cynthia Diessner [Alternate], Stefani Tran [Alternate], West End: Jennifer Cox Johnson [Representative], Tricia Peterson [Alternate]
  • Faculty Representative: Dana Strand (1)
  • Administrative Representative: Fred Rogers
  • Students: None

Student Fellowships Committee

  • Staff: Liz Ciner [ex officio]
  • Faculty: Lawrence Archbold (3), Andrew Fisher (2), Alison Kettering [Chair and Convener] (3), Susan Singer, Carol Rutz (1)
  • Students: None

Student Life, Committee on (CSL)

  • Staff: Bruce Colwell [ex officio, Chair and Convener]
  • Faculty: Kelly Connole (2)
  • CSA Senators: Nimo Ali '11, Lindsey Shaughnessy '09 [Co-Chair], Charlotte Turovsky '11
  • Students at Large: Max Davidson '10, Charlie Liu '11
  • First-Year Representative: Samir Bhala '12
  • Designated RA: Cat McMurtry '09

Studies in the Arts, Committee for the

  • Information coming soon!

Teacher Education Committee

  • Staff: None
  • Faculty: Cynthia Blaha (3), Gail Nelson (1), John Ramsay [ex officio, Chair and Convener], Gerald Young (1)
  • Students: Amanda DeBoer '09, Rebekkah Goodman-Williams '09
  • Regional Education Professionals: Laura Kay Allen, Abbie Meierbachtol, Steve Meierbachtol, Sam Wold

Work Place Advisors

  • Staff/Faculty: Jennifer Edwins, Linda Irrthum, Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Linda Stadler, Mary Tatge, Melissa Thomas [Chair], Tim Vick
  • Faculty: None
  • Students: None

Writing Advisory Committee

  • Information coming soon!