CRIC Meeting Minutes

October 28th, 2008

  • Location: Sayles 252
  • Time: 12:00 pm
  • Present: Fred Rogers, Shannon Shulz, David Schlosser, David Lefkowitz, Mike Hemesath, Eilidh Higgins, Nora Mahlberg, Alex Persaud, Nathaniel Rosenblum, Cristina Sainati
  • Secretary: Laura Garlock

This week’s meeting served somewhat as a repeat of the last meeting, beginning with members reporting any 2009 resolutions they found on EthVest. While there still are not many, three resolutions are now in consideration. These are the executive compensation resolutions of Golden Sachs, the Raytheon Company, and United Health. The committee is not sure whether it feels strongly enough about these issues to make a recommendation to the Investment Committee. Members will continue to check for new 2009 resolutions for the next meeting.

Though the committee does not have an expansive selection of resolutions yet, it discussed writing general recommendations for certain types of resolutions that are bound to come up in addition to specific recommendations.

Students in CRIC will be tabling in Sayles this Thursday, October 30th from noon to 1:00 PM and Friday, October 31st, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Cristina has made posters advertising this. Tabling will give the committee a chance to converse with the student body.

As to communicating with the community, members discussed the importance of not raising false hopes as to CRIC’s influence over the Board of Trustees. It should make clear to community members that any chance of divestment is very slim.

The committee briefly discussed its role in the school and whether it should be changed at all (turning attention to investing locally, for example). Some members proposed having more contact with the Board of Trustees.

At the next meeting, CRIC will work on rewriting the old survey to be redistributed to the community. It is important to the committee to accurately represent the sentiments of the community, which it hopes to measure with this survey.

There is now a link from Carleton’s endowment page to the CRIC website.