CRIC Meeting Minutes

January 27th, 2009

  • Location: Sayles 252
  • Time: 12:00 pm
  • Present: Staff: David Schlosser Faculty: David Lefkowitz Students: Eilidh Higgins, Nora Mahlberg, Alex Persaud, Nathaniel Rosenblum, Cristina Sainati
  • Absent: Fred Rogers, Shannon Schulz, Mike Hemesath
  • Secretary: Laura Garlock

Seeing as CRIC does not have much time before meeting with the Board of Trustees on February 12th, this meeting focused on what the committee intends to accomplish before then. One such goal is the completion of a campus survey to make sure that CRIC’s recommendations align with the sentiment of the Carleton community. CRIC can then present the survey to the Board of Trustees. At the meeting, the committee came up with a draft of a survey that addresses the groups of resolutions on which CRIC is considering making recommendations. The survey should show whether Carleton as a whole approves of the resolutions. CRIC members will continue to revise the survey through email before next Tuesday’s meeting and will work on an introduction explaining CRIC to the campus. Ideally, the survey will be distributed and promoted in a variety of ways—through the all-campus email, mailboxes, the NNB, tabling, and posters—in order to reach the largest number of people possible.

Committee members refined the list of possible recommendation topics. Because Carleton is no longer invested in Halliburton, there are only a few resolutions left under the Iraq category. The committee replaced most of these under the human rights umbrella and eliminated the remaining resolution. CRIC also added in executive compensation since the committee has already made a recommendation on this topic, and could use the past recommendation as a template. Cristina volunteered to update the older version. The committee also decided to look into predatory lending. CRIC needs to check into Carleton’s investments to see if there have been any other changes since September.

In prioritizing which recommendations to write first, CRIC will look into which resolutions will be voted on first. To find these dates, members are to contact the author of their resolutions.

At the end of the meeting, the committee divided into sub-groups which each cover a resolution topic. The job of the sub-groups is to research their topic and provide the group with a suggestion about pursuing that topic in recommendations. A sub-group in charge of the survey also met after the meeting. The groups will address the committee at the next meeting, Tuesday, February 2nd.