CRIC Meeting Minutes

March 3rd, 2009

  • Location: Willis 205
  • Time: 12:00 pm
  • Present: Staff: Fred Rogers, Shannon Schulz, David Schlosser Faculty: David Lefkowitz Students: Eilidh Higgins, Nora Mahlberg, Nathaniel Rosenblum, Cristina Sainati
  • Absent: Mike Hemesath, Alexander Persaud
  • Secretary: Laura Garlock
  • Keywords: CRIC
At the last meeting of the term, the members of the CRIC evaluated their work over the course of the year, starting with their presentation to the Board of Trustees in February. The presentation was a success; the Investment Committee voted to endorse the CRIC’s recommendations. However, the Investment Committee would like the CRIC to do further economic analysis and produce a report of the predicted economic impacts of the proposed resolutions. After going over the facts, members of CRIC voiced their opinions, which were for the most part positive, on how the meeting went. One thing members agreed they could have done differently was to recheck all of Carleton’s shareholdings to make sure Carleton still owns the companies that the resolutions address (as Carleton no longer owns Intel or Citigroup). Most members of the CRIC were assigned a resolution to monitor throughout the spring. As of now, only five resolutions remain since the healthcare reform resolutions were withdrawn, although the committee still plans to follow up on these dropped resolutions. To make monitoring the status of the resolutions easier, Nathaniel will sign the CRIC up for EthVest email notifications. The meeting then turned to looking at the CRIC’s progress over the year as a whole, and members discussed what they thought worked well and what they can improve in the future. Suggestions included focusing on non-proxy projects, such as community outreach and distributing surveys, during fall term since resolutions for the following year are not yet available. Spring term could also be used for such tasks. The committee unanimously agreed that winter term felt rushed, but with Carleton’s schedule, the time crunch is somewhat inevitable. According to the REC meeting Eilidh attended, Carleton is falling slightly behind in comparison to some other schools in terms of transparency of its investments, which could be a future focus for the CRIC. As for next term, the CRIC hopes to reach out to the community by distributing its survey, tabling in Sayles, and having an article about the CRIC in the Carletonian. The committee may also arrange a meeting with the Chair of the Sustainability Endowment. Eilidh will be abroad next term, so Cristina will assume some of her responsibilities. The CRIC scheduled the first meeting of next term for Thursday, April 2 during Common Time.