CRIC Meeting Minutes

May 6th, 2011

  • Location: Upper Sayles
  • Time: 3:30 pm
  • Present: Amanda Savitt, Joe Concannon, Fadi Hakim, Kristen Vellinger, Divya Sabanayagam, Chris Clark, David Tompkins, David Schlosser, Joel Weisberg, Fred Rogers
  • Secretary: Claire Milsted

Meeting with Wally Weitz and related issues

Kristen has been preparing to meet with Wally Weitz, a Carleton trustee who chairs the investment committee, when he comes to Carleton on Thursday, May 12th.  Since meeting with her will be one of the first things he does upon arrival, Kristen should prepare him for their meeting by sending an email outlining what she wants to discuss.  We hope that this meeting will help us get input on the possibility of either expanding the role of CRIC or increasing access to Carleton’s investment information.

Kristen shared a draft of her email with the committee.  She will make a few changes before sending it to Mr. Weitz.

We discussed the appropriateness of “transparency” rhetoric to the issue of Carleton’s investment information.   As we discussed last week, we want to avoid creating the false impression that Carleton is hiding information or being dishonest.  What we are really interested in is increasing access to this information.

No meeting next week

CRIC will not be meeting next week, instead, CRIC members can attend a presentation on leadership and creativity sponsored by the trustees.


Amanda and David S did a brief run-down of the issues that have come up regarding the survey.  Now that we have crystallized these issues, Amanda and David S can make a rough list of questions that we can review and refine later.

The timing of the survey is an issue—should we try to cram it into the very end of spring term, when people will be busy with end-of-term issues? It would probably be preferable to put it off until fall.

Survey Monkey, the most common product for surveys, costs money if too many people take the survey.  This is problematic.  Perhaps we could use the office of institutional research (they need to be notified ahead of time, but if we put the survey off until fall, this might not be an issue).

We should avoid being overly wordy or technical in the survey.  At the same time, we should avoid vagueness.