Leadership Board Meeting Minutes

October 7th, 2010

  • Location: Sayles Hill Lounge
  • Time: 1:30 pm
  • Present: Staff Members: Carolyn Fure-Slocum, Ann Iijima, Andrea Nixon, Julie Thronton, Stefani Tran, Kaaren Williamsen; Faculty: Cindy Blaha, Michael McNally, Bill North; Students: Kelsey Han.
  • Secretary: Laura Michel '12

Co-Chairs Report

Michael McNally and Andrea Nixon reported that the Sexual Misconduct Committee proposal was approved by the College Council. Andrea reflected that, in her time at Carleton, two major issues have changed: LGBT climate and sexual misconduct response. The approval of this committee marks an important occasion for Carleton and its unending work in creating safe, positive, experience for all members of the community.

Task Force/Action Team Reports

Bill North, chair of the Task Force on Grievance Procedures, reported that the group has already met twice, and will continue to meet weekly. They are currently in an information gathering stage, meeting with various staff and faculty members and listening to thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the matter. In the preliminary stages of framing procedures, however, many members of the group felt that merely addressing the process when a situation elevates to a formal grievance disallows a more holistic evaluation of discrimination and bias on campus. As such, they would like to expand their net and think more generally about the issue in order to create pathways for dealing with issues when a concern occurs. If there are definite methods through which to handle concerns, not just official complaints, CEDI will thus be able to embrace a larger set of issues that comes up and, as such, provide a structure that is currently not in place. 

The Outside the Classroom task force recently had their first meeting, where they brainstormed potential areas of focus for the upcoming year. These included issues relating to religious climate, student athletes, and socio-economic class divisions. The group is also working on identifying other committees on campus that overlap with the specific work of the task force.

The Inside the Classroom task force will not meet until next week, however there will be a meeting regarding the intergroup dialogue pilot program on Friday.

The workplace task force has not quite identified all of their priorities for the upcoming year, but they have moved forward on the proposal regarding the domestic partner tax, which will be ready for the Leadership Board at the next meeting.

Plans for October Summit

In anticipation of the CEDI Summit meeting with President Poskanzer later in the month, the group discussed how to best use their time. It was generally felt that it was important to hear the vision of the President, but, at the same time, not be passive in the articulation of CEDI’s goals. An item of particular import was the strategic planning in the spring. It was felt it was important for CEDI to understand the process and their involvement. Furthermore, many felt a need to get a hold on what President Poskanzer’s dreams were; what does community mean to him?

In terms of CEDI’s voice in the meeting, many thought that the co-chairs should frame the work that has been done in previous years as succinctly as possible. One possible idea was a timeline. Additionally, many felt it was important to describe both the broader vision of each committee and the specific goals for this year.