Leadership Board Meeting Minutes

March 11th, 2011

  • Location: Sayles Hill Lounge
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Secretary: Laura Michel

CEDI Leadership Board

Sayles-Hill Lounge

March 07, 2011

Co-Chair Report

On February 28, CEDI co-chairs Michael McNally and Andrea Nixon made a presentation to the College Council. The presentation began with a short overview of CEDI’s work this year; however, the bulk of the meeting was dedicated to conversation. As a sub-committee of the College Council, the hope was that the conversation could provide guidance and direction as to the Council’s expectations of CEDI as a group.

In addition to the College Council meeting, CEDI also held a great LTC session and participated in the recent CSA town hall meeting.

Task Force/Action Team Updates

Carolyn Fure-Slocum reported that the Learning Environment Outside the Classroom Task Force has continued to work in their five sub-committees. Brooke Davis recently wrote a thought-provoking article in the Carletonian regarding religious life on campus, specifically the climate for Muslim and Christian students.

Noe Hernandez reported that the Town Hall meeting went smoothly, with about 80 or 90 people in attendance. They received a lot of good feedback, though they are still sorting through the information and have not had a chance to meet and discuss the comments.

Cindy Blaha reported that the Learning Environment Inside the Classroom Task Force has not been able to successfully meet this term, but is still moving ahead on issues such as CARS report regarding the inability of some students to buy textbooks before their first paycheck two weeks into the term. Additionally, she reported that the Inner-group Dialogue is finishing up for the term and participants are required to hand in a 6-7 page reflection paper at the end of the week. The papers will then be analyzed and a report will be given to the ECC. The project has been reapproved for next year, including a four-credit ten week course in the fall for facilitator training.

Julie Thornton reported that the Sexual Misconduct Committee will be giving a report at the faculty meeting in regards to questions of the reporting of “concerning behavior.” Additionally, the Campus Community Expectations Action Team recently published an article in the Carletonian. They are working on a second article regarding the relationship between alcohol use and sexual misconduct, but are still working to find the right language and tone before publication.

Workplace Environment Proposal

Ann Iijima presented the report from the Workplace Environment Task Force by reminding the group that it had been suggested to the Task Force to add numbers.

There was a unanimous voice approval for adopting the document, with proposed amendments, as a leadership board.

Open House Recap

Co-chair Andrea Nixon asked the group what they considered to be the salient take-away points from the recent CEDI open house. Cindy Blaha noted that she received a lot of questions about the Intergroup Dialogue project. Carolyn Fure-Slocum added that she mostly encountered a lot of general comments and questions; people seemed to be exploring what CEDI was doing and were not quite ready to engage substantively in the difficult issues quite yet. Michael McNally observed that despite concerns, there was a considerable effort on the part of the faculty and staff to come to the event.

The question was posed as to how to continue the energy from the open house through the rest of year. There were several suggestions as to more activities and presentations that would serve to keep the community involved in CEDI’s work, including table tents in Sayles. Andrea Nixon added that the web designers are considering the best way to set up CEDI’s website and the PDFs of the posters are currently online.