Leadership Board Meeting Minutes

January 24th, 2012

  • Location: Sayles-Hill 252
  • Time: 1:30 pm
  • Secretary: Laura Michel '12

Carolyn Fure-Slocum, chair of the Learning Environment Outside the Classroom Task Force reported that there had been no new developments on the ‘Safe and Welcoming Communities’ statement since the last Leadership Board meeting. The Northfield sub-task force will continue to play a collaborative role as the issue progresses. The sub-task force focusing on issues of disability and accessibility are preparing for Professor Kim Nielson’s talk on February 9th during common time.

Justin Jack reported to the Leadership Board that CSA had been presented with a pledge about student-body support for the Northfield option, and that there will probably be an article about it in the upcoming issue of the Carletonian.

Kaaren Williamsen, co-chair of the Sexual Misconduct Committee reported that the group had not met since the last Leadership Board meeting. There was, however, a meeting of all members of the sexual misconduct support and response team process. The community meeting was useful as it allowed everyone involved in the process to see each other, providing perspective on the sexual misconduct process on a macro level.

Marla Erickson noted that the issue discussed at the January 10 meeting about staff not receiving job opening emails had been addressed.

Rex Nystrom reported that the first meeting of the Task Force on Workplace Environment had met for the first time the previous day. Because all but one member of the Task Force are new to the committee, the meeting focused on getting to know each other and orienting themselves with the issues. The group discussed topics covered last year as well as what this year’s group felt was important to keep on, what new items should be discussed, and how to best work productively within the strategic planning process. The longest term issue was clearly the tuition benefits. The Task Force plans to reach out the different groups involved in the issue to get better understanding of where discussion currently stands on the topic. For the immediate short-term, Rex Nystrom said that the plan is to meet with the Compensation Committee to determine what the best way would be for CEDI to help.

The meeting concluded at 2:30 PM.