2016-17 Leadership Board and Action Teams

Leadership Board

Chihade Joe faculty rep, term through 2017-2018 jchihade@carleton.edu x7446
Dallager Christopher ex officio, Disability Services cdallager@carleton.edu x5250
Dunnewold Mary ex officio, Title IX mdunnewold@carleton.edu x4569
Estill Adriana faculty co-chair aestill@carleton.edu x7498
Evertz Kathy staff co-chair kevertz@carleton.edu x4015
Fure-Slocum Carolyn ex officio, Chaplain cfureslo@carleton.edu x4003
Haave Laura ex officio, GSC lhaave@carleton.edu x7179
Kluttz Joy ex officio, OIIL jkluttz@carleton.edu x4013
Lee '19 Chris student rep leec2@carleton.edu
Lee '17 Saehee student rep lees@carleton.edu
Montero Al ex officio, Advising amontero@carleton.edu x4085
Nielsen Sara SAC rep, 2016-17 is final year of term snielsen@carleton.edu x4109
Sillanpa Amy ex offico, Community Standards asillanp@carleton.edu x4075
Updike Erin Forum rep, 3 year term through 2018-19 eupdike@carleton.edu x5602
Walser-Kuntz Debby faculty rep, term through 2017-2018 dwalser@carleton.edu x5756
Williams Trey ex officio, TRIO/SSS twilliams@carleton.edu x4017
Eslinger Elise advisor eeslinge@carleton.edu x5597
Fisher Andrew faculty co-chair designate for 2017-2019 afisher@carleton.edu x4189

Action Teams for 2016-2017

Inclusive and Accessible Bathrooms

  • Marty Baylor, Associate Professor of Physics -- Chair of action team
  • Chris Dallager, Director, Disability Services for Students
  • Laura Haave, Director, Gender and Sexuality Center
  • John Mathews, Project Manager/Owner's Representative, Facilities
  • Mario Winburn, Assistant Director Alumni Annual Fund, Alumni Annual Fund Office
  • Audrey Kan '18, Student
  • Eileen Lower '20, Student

Rethinking Convocation

  • Jay Beck, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies-Committee Chair
  • Sara Canilang '19, Student
  • Joy Kluttz, Director, OIIL
  • Kerry Raadt, Director of Events, College Communications
  • Debby Walser-Kuntz, Professor of Biology