Data Security Resources

Data and other records stored on computers and related devices may be vulnerable to exposure, either by accident or by malicious operations such as "phishing."  As a researcher charged with protecting your human subjects’ privacy, you are responsible for securing your data.  

Here are some resources to help you think through research data security issues:

Data Security Inventory:  Use this form to create a data security plan.  (You will need to log in from your Carleton account). The form will ask you a series of questions about which kinds of data you’ll be collecting and how you’ll protect it.  Upon submission, you will receive a copy of the form that you can include with your IRB application.

Beyond the Password campus presentation: A brief introduction to data security.

Useful sites:

For general training in data security:

On de-identification:

On Spectre and Meltdown (or why you should keep your systems and software updates):

On federal grant requirements & other legal issues: