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About the Committee

Brief Description

The Judicial Hearing Board hears appeals of decisions by the Dean of Students or his/her delegate. The respondent may appeal the finding or sanction(s), or both. The hearing officer or hearing board determines whether the respondent has violated a College policy. If there is a finding of a violation, sanctions are determined. Sanctions are meant to assign accountability and, ideally, to provide an opportunity for learning from mistakes. In most cases first offenses of a minor nature will receive lesser sanctions than more serious violations and/or repeated offenses. The hearing officer or board may modify or combine any of the sanction options.

Disciplinary sanctions may be imposed upon groups and organizations as well as individuals. More than one sanction may be imposed at one time.


The JHB shall be composed of two students, one faculty member, and one staff member. There shall be two alternates for the students and one alternate each for the faculty and staff members. Alternates shall act in place of a member of the same category who is absent, who is a witness or a party in the case being heard, who disqualifies himself or herself, or who is disqualified by the JHB.

The JHB shall be chaired by a Hearing Officer. The Hearing Officer shall be one of the faculty members appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) for a three-year term, and may be reappointed for one such term. The Hearing Officer will preside over hearings of the JHB and may be available for consultation during deliberations, and will vote only to break a tie. The President shall appoint a faculty member to serve as an alternate for the Hearing Officer in the event the Hearing Officer is absent, is a witness or a party in the case being heard, disqualifies himself or herself, or is disqualified by the JHB.

No member or alternate of the JHB may serve on that board for more than two consecutive years. However, the Hearing Officer who chairs the JHB may serve six consecutive years. Individuals may not serve at the same time on more than one of the ASC, the JHB, the JAB, or College Council.

Student members and their alternates on the JHB shall be sophomores, juniors and/or seniors selected by the Carleton Student Associate according to their established procedures. Faculty members and their alternates shall be selected by the Faculty Affairs Committee. Staff members and their alternates shall be selected by the President of the College.

Preferred Skills & Experience of Committee Members

While previous experience with a school disciplinary hearing board is not necessary, some experience with interpersonal conflict resolution would be helpful. The skills and qualities needed in board members include: excellent listening skills, openness and sensitivity to individual student experiences, and questioning and problem-solving competency.

Meeting Frequency

The time-demands of this committee are typically rather small (meeting at most several times per year), but unpredictable.


The JHB shares the jurisdiction of the Dean of Students according to procedures set forth in Article VI, B.2.c.

More Information

More information about the Judial Hearing Board is available in Carleton's Community Standards policy.