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Library Committee

The Library Committee functions as an advisory group to the College Librarian and the campus community. It is intended to be a representative group of students, faculty, and administration from which the College Librarian may seek advice for general Library policy and planning, and for public relations with the Library's clientele.

The Committee's primary responsibility shall be with matters of policy rather than administration, although it is recognized that a clear distinction between these areas is not always possible. The Committee's concerns should include general Library policy, planning and public relations, regular and supplemental budget requests, collection development, cooperation with other libraries, and the general objectives and role of the Library as an educational resource of the College. The Committee shall seek to facilitate communication between the Library and the campus community, to advise the College Librarian on ways to enhance the Library's resources and services, and to encourage integration of the Library's program with the academic activities of the College.

Four faculty serve this committee.  Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a three-year term.  It is preferred to have faculty represent the areas of science, social science, humanities and arts.  A faculty member is appointed Chair of the committee.

The College Library and an Associate Dean of the College serve this committee in an ex officio capacity.

Two students serve on this committee and are appointed by the Carleton Student Association each spring to serve during the upcoming academic year.  It is helpful to have students come from different class years and majors.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members:
It is helpful to have committee members who utilize the library regularly and who are interested in its changing role in the community.

Committee Work:
The Committee meets regularly.  The College Librarian, in consultation with the Chair, determine the agenda.  The committee may decide to vote to pursue additional agenda items or remove items from the agenda.  The Administrative Assistant to the College Library will take minutes of all meetings and make them available to committee members and other interested persons.  The committee reports its work to the Dean of the College.

2012-13 Key Priorities:
During the academic year, the committee focused on the following priorities:

  • Departmental budget allocations
  • Circulation policy and coordination of the policy with St. Olaf
  • Library Strategic Plan
  • Library space issues
  • E-books
  • Archiving comps


Updated Summer 2013