Library and Information Technology Committee (LIBIT)


The Library and Information Technology Committee (LIBIT) will be creating a more complete charter during their first few meetings.


Faculty: Five faculty serve this committee. Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a two-year term. Two faculty members will serve as co-chairs.

Staff: Staff members are still being determined.

Students: Two students serve on this committee and are appointed by the Carleton Student Association each spring to serve during the upcoming academic year.  It is helpful to have students come from different class years and majors. 

Committee Work

The committee will meet four to five times per term. The agenda will be determined by the co-chairs. At least one meeting per term will be that of the full LIBIT Committee. The Library and Information Technology directors may ask that the full committee or a subcommittee thereof participate in additional responsibilities (such as participate in searches for significant staff members or review new policies). This committee reports to the Dean of the College. Co-chairs are expected to submit an annual report summarizing the committee's work.