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Presenters, if you'd like to share your presentation files on this page now that the conference is over, please email them to

Presentations in Alphabetical Order:

Building a Web-based Interactive Campus Mapping Framework
At Carleton, our brand new campus map is a mash-up of the Google Maps UI, our paper campus map, building and room data from our ERP system, and floor plans from Facilities. We will discuss how we built a framework that can pull together data from disparate systems, and can be used for many sorts of web-based mapping efforts. We will also demonstrate how our system allows maps to be embedded on any college web page, and also discuss about some of the challenges we encountered in the process.
Matt Ryan, Associate Director of Web Communications
Ben Cochran, Student Web Developer


Cloud Computing (Roundtable)
What changes toward cloud computing are institutions making, and what is driving those changes? What factors are taken into account when considering augmenting or replacing existing support structures? If your institution has already "made the switch", how have you dealt with issues of sharing, privacy concerns, and target population (faculty and/or staff and/or students and/or alumni)?
Tom Oscanyan, Software Asset Manager
Charlie Schuman, Academic Technology Consultant
Mike Reinhart, Director of Operations for IT
Ben Durrant, Web Developer, UST Libraries

St. Thomas

Creating Engaging Online Courses
Online courses have often suffered from the misconception that they lack the engagement their residential counterparts possess. Simple replication of a residential class is not the formula for creating a successful online course. With sixty online or hybrid course offerings each year, Luther Seminary has discovered some best (and worst) practices for designing engaging and learner-focused courses as well as managing the online course environment effectively.  Come hear about them!
Kristin Payne, Teaching & Learning Technologist
Dan Ruth, Teaching & Learning Technologist
Ryan Torma, Director of Learning Design & Technology

Luther Seminary

Google Calendar Integration and Backups
Gustavus has been using Google Calendar (but not gmail) for just over a year now, and along the way we've done some cool stuff. Starting in Fall '08 they have pre-populated student and faculty schedules based on data from their student information system. This has been well received, except by approximately two faculty members, and they'll discuss the political fallout. Gustavus also discovered that they had a need to have historical backups of all user calendars, a service Google does not provide. They will discuss how they went about getting the data for those backups.
Ethan Sommer, Associate Director of Core Services

GoogleEarth, ArcGIS, and Beyond: Spatial Technologies (Roundtable)
We will facilitate a discussion of how our peers attending GusDay10 are utilizing and supporting the use of spatial technologies (ie, GoogleEarth, GoogleMaps, ArcGIS, etc.) at their institutions.
Fritz Vandover, Academic Information Associate, Humanities
Charlie Schuman, Academic Technology Consultant
St. Thomas

Got Torpig? Big Brother Knows
An introduction to the ways that network-level monitoring can assist in securing student, staff, and faculty PCs, geared towards a help-desk audience. How's and why's of logging DNS queries and network conversations. Sources of intelligence on what sites are "bad." The benefits, challenges, and ironies of protecting users' privacy by watching (some of) what they're doing.
Rich Graves, Sr UNIX &Security Admin

GusDay 11 Planning Session (Roundtable)
We will recap the current year, and plan for the next exciting GusDay conference.
Sue Traxler, Associate Director of ITS

Hacking the Heck out of Moodle While Avoiding Hell
One of the greatest features of open source programs is being able to make minor (and major) "adjustments" to the underlying code to suit your institution's needs. How scary is it to get started? With a good bit of structure, this "round-the-room" discussion will bring together experienced hackers with hacker-might-wannabes. Areas covered include: -> What do you need to know or what do you need to learn? -> How to protect yourself against SIDs (Self-Inflicted Defects). -> Does hacking mean you have to spend time in "Upgrade Purgatory"? -> What are some "collaboration" options for getting the changes you want?
Bob Puffer
Luther College

Imports, Exports and Interfaces, Oh My! (Roundtable)
A discussion on the challenges of purchasing and interfacing with third party applications.
Julie Latham, Enterprise Applications and Data Warehouse Administrator
Donna Hewitt, Administrative Information Systems Development & Support Specialist

Inform, Interact, Inspire: Reimagining the Admissions Website
Prospective students are one of the key audiences for your school's website, but they are the hardest to understand. How do you engage a population that by definition is constantly changing? And how do you move beyond just dispensing information to involving and inspiring prospective students?  Carleton College's web team recently completed a full reimagining of our admissions site that grappled with these questions. This presentation will explore that process. We'll cover our research into what prospects did and didn't like about our website and those of our peer institutions; concept development and testing processes; admissions staff engagement; wireframing and visual design; our technical framework; and lots of geeky post-launch stats that suggest we're on the right track.
Mark Heiman, Senior Web Application Developer

Inventory Life-cycle Management (Roundtable)
We will discuss the how/what/why/where of inventory management from planning, procurement, storage, and recycling. I will be sharing what I have learned over the last year and what we now do for process at Carleton in the areas listed above. Bob will talk about e-recycling, in general. He will not be talking about MPC.
GusDay attendees - If you have any suggestions to presentation, form, etc. (as this is my first time to present at this type of gathering), please send me your ideas.
Michael Decker, Hardware Asset Manager
Bob Delich
Representative from Materials Processing Corporation

Journey in Setting Up a Project Management Infrastructure
In this session, St. Cloud State University and Carleton college will discuss the paths they've taken towards improving project management processes.  Both institutions will discuss where they started, the journey, where they are now, and where they are headed.  People attending this session will leave with various hand-outs, including a copy of the tools and templates that are used at St. Cloud State University.
Daryl Scholz, Project Coordinator
Kim Stangret - Project Analyst
St. Cloud State
Sue Traxler, Associate Director of ITS

Lecture Capture - Video (Roundtable)
Laptop cameras or classroom installed?  Integrated authentication? Automated registration? Archiving protocols and blade space?  Scalability and cost? Have any of these phrases been part of discussions on your campus as you seek effective ways of providing lecture capture?  Capturing, formatting, and video delivery mechanisms are changing rapidly, and systems that promise slick functionality often harbor labor-intensive maintenance or costly equipment setups. Join this roundtable discussion to ask questions and share your school’s challenges and solutions associated with lecture capture and video delivery.
Nancy Hendrickson, Assistant Director of Instructional Technologies
Gina Dabrowski, Instructional Designer & Media Specialist
Robert Marson, Network Data Specialist

St. Kate's

Making SungardHE ODS User Friendly and Credible
CSB/SJU Advancement Services began to use Operational Data Source (ODS), a data warehouse solution from SungardHE, two years ago. Before ODS, we were unhappy with the performance of our Reporting Software against SungardHE Banner (live data), because Banner is only optimized for update & delete (DML) transactions, and not for query. However, efforts from IT Services did not end with ODS installation. ODS greatly improves the query time of our reports, but it also presented us with these challenges: 1. Users are accustomed to Banner table and column names. ODS table and column names are different. Users should be able to see the translations between Banner table & column names and ODS table & column names. 2. Occasionally, users find faulty data in ODS that will make them doubt the credibility of ODS data. IT has to proactively check for and fix the data inconsistencies through automated processes instead of waiting for user complains. 3. Documentations on proactive checks & fixes, Banner – ODS record count & value comparisons, and table & column name translations must be readily available at all times. This presentation is going to elaborate on the challenges above.
Adrian Wijasa, Banner Programmer/Analyst

Moodle Discussion; More than just classes (Roundtable)
An open discussion about some of the new aspects of Moodle as well as efforts to broaden Moodle's usage outside of the classroom.
Joel Johnson, Windows Systems Administrator
St. Olaf

Moving from an Orientation Session to an Orientation Program
How do the students at your school learn to use the technology available to them on campus (e.g., course management systems, network folders, web portal interfaces)?  Come and hear how Augsburg has addressed this issue by creating an orientation that connects classes, campus orientation, and IT to provide a more thorough and integrated introduction to technology.  Come hear how technologists at Macalester are collaborating with librarians to provide first-year students a session that focuses on information literacy and uses of technology that support students' scholarly development.  Come also to share with one another what is working on our campuses and discuss the challenges we face in providing good technology orientation.
Jeff Rowdon, LFC for Student Life
Dan Hoisington, Helpdesk and Student Support Manager
Alison Sommer, Academic Information Associate - Lang&Arts
Brad Belbas, Academic Information Associate - Social Sciences

Macalaster College

Off-hour On-call Support Program
Bethel developed an off hour on-call support program. Come and see how it got rolling, how we implemented it, and what the costs are. Come listen; come share your thoughts.
Douglas Nguyen, Director of User Services

The Push Toward Paperless
Document management is not a new concept. We have been talking about "going paperless" for more that 2 decades. However, document management has once again come to the forefront as people are again looking for more efficient processes to both increase productivity and to reduce costs. Carleton College has been using OnBase from Hyland Software, Inc. for the over 10 years. OnBase is currently being used by several departments on campus, and are currently converting our Admissions Office to OnBase as well. This lecture will talk about the history of OnBase at Carleton, how it is changing business processes on campus, and the next steps we will be taking to further expand the use of OnBase.
Karl Madsen, Applications Analyst

SharePoint for Collaboration at CSB/SJU
Jason will give a brief overview of what SharePoint is followed by how CSB/SJU is currently using SharePoint for their collaboration and intranet needs. He will then talk about the backend server requirements and how CSB/SJU implemented their SharePoint deployment. Jason will also highlight some of the features of the upcoming SharePoint 2010 release that CSB/SJU is looking forward to. Cathy will highlight the unique user support challenges that come with collaborating with SharePoint which differ from those of traditional e-mail and IT administered file shares.
Jason Cross, Unix and SharePoint Administrator
Cathy Robak, Trainer/Web Support Specialist


Software Asset Management (Roundtable)
Software Asset Management has always been a challenge at educational institutions, but now we face issues like hosted solutions and "free" Web sites that make tracking next to impossible. Let's talk about best practices and the future of software management.
Tom Oscanyan, Software Asset Manager
St. Thomas

Trials and Tribulations of Print Accounting Implementation
Are you printing costs soaring out of control? Are your recycling bins full of wasted prints across campus? Want to save 175,000 sheets of paper in four weeks? Learn how Gustavus Adolphus College implemented a new print accounting system. This will take you through all aspects of print accounting, including testing of different software packages, implementation strategy, as well as the campus reaction.
Steven Vogt, Macintosh Coordinator

Using Technology to Facilitate Learning and Community Outreach
In the fall of 2008 I was approached by Teresa Mesa, a faculty in the Hispanic and Latin American Studies department about the possibility of doing an oral history video project with her 300-level Spanish course and a group of local Hispanic youth. We ended up working very closely throughout that semester to bring technology, language, and community outreach together in one big, fun project. The results were very positive and we have been doing projects with Macalester students and the Hispanic community center every semester since. In my presentation I will discuss the technology support model behind the projects, as well as the goals and outcomes of the project itself.
Alison Sommer, AIA - Languages and Fine Arts

Windows 7: First Impressions and Favorite Features
Come see a demo of Windows 7. We’ll walk through the basics including new features, cool add-ons, and some command line tools. Have your own favorite new feature? Come and share!  We’ll end with an open discussion regarding any issues people are facing in regards to support and compatibility.
Chris Stanley, Systems Administrator
Carol Rose, HelpDesk Coordinator
St. Cloud State