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Academic Regulations & Procedures


The requirements for concentrations are outlined in the Academic Catalog. Each concentration program is unique and organized in a way that suits the logic of its topic. Students should consult with the concentration coordinator or Registrar for more detailed information and advice about a specific program.

Students declare concentrations no later than the end of their eighth term. Students wishing to declare a concentration after their eighth term must petition the Academic Standing Committee. Declaration forms are available from the coordinator and the Registrar. Although courses in a concentration may be taken on a S/Cr/NC basis, "D" or "Cr" level work will not be sufficient to satisfy course requirements for a concentration. Concentration programs are to be completed during the normal 12 terms at Carleton. To drop a concentration, the student must complete a form available from the Office of the Registrar.

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Last Reviewed: Jun 24th, 2015

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