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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Leave of Absence (Medical, Military Service and Personal)

A student may request a total of three terms of leave of absence during their time at Carleton. The total of three terms can include any combination of medical, military service, or personal leaves. Students interested in exploring the leave options are encouraged to talk with their advisers and/or their class dean. Leave of absence requests must include reasons for requesting a leave and must ordinarily be made in advance of the start of the term. Leave of absence requests are processed by the Dean of Students Office on behalf of the Academic Standing Committee (ASC). The student must intend to return to Carleton to be granted a leave of absence. If, at the end of the leave of absence the student fails to return to Carleton, the leave will convert to a withdrawal back-dated to when the leave of absence began. This may cause any affected Title IV loans to enter into immediate repayment.

Notes: (1) A leave of absence is for nonacademic activities; if students choose to study elsewhere, credit will not be transferred to Carleton. (2) A leave of absence will cause the student’s class year to change which will impact housing draw and registration priority numbers. (3) A student who is away from the College on leave of absence status for more than three terms will be withdrawn with the option to petition for readmission when they are ready to return. (4) Any student who receives financial aid should consult with Student Financial Services to discuss how their aid may be impacted by a leave or the extension of a leave.

Medical Leave During a Term

A student who cannot complete the term due to illness or other health issues may petition the Dean of Students Office for a medical leave.

Notes: (1) A student who takes a medical leave will have DRP's (drops) recorded for courses they are enrolled in at the time of the leave. (2) Return from medical leave must be approved by the Dean of Students Office through a petition process. (3) Normally, students returning from medical leave are not allowed to immediately go on an OCS program. (4) A term of medical leave does not count in your 12 academic terms but may count toward your allotted financial aid; any student who receives financial aid should consult with Student Financial Services to discuss how their aid may be impacted by a leave or the extension of a leave.

Military Service

A student may request a leave for military service at any time. Students petitioning to return to the College from military service who were in good academic standing at the time of their leave will typically be granted readmission.

Note: Students will be allowed to take a leave from the College for active service in the U.S. Military without penalty. If the leave is requested during the term, students will receive a 100 percent tuition refund and a pro rata refund of unused room and board fees (less any financial aid which may have been received for the term) upon presenting an original copy of their military orders for active duty to the Dean of Students Office. Alternatively, extension (EXT) grades with no tuition reimbursement may be more appropriate when the call for active military duty comes near the end of the term.

Personal Leave

A student who wishes to take a personal leave from College must make the request prior to the start of an academic term.  Personal leaves are usually for students who need a break from academic work and wish to engage in volunteer work, earn extra money for college, pursue a dream, etc.  A student on a personal leave is able to return to college by submitting a petition to the Dean of Students Office. Students interested in leaving after the term has started should discuss options with their class dean (see also “withdrawal from the college”).

See also academic progress, "ext"--extension granted, off-campus study, transfer of credits, and withdrawal from the college.

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Last Reviewed: May 9th, 2017

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