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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Extensions (EXT)

Students are expected to complete all course work by the end of a term. When this is not possible as a result of illness or circumstances beyond the student's control, he or she may request a grade of EXT. The College distinguishes between two types of EXTs – personal and academic. Only in the most unusual circumstances can an EXT – either personal or academic – be granted in applied music courses. Generally, third term seniors are not eligible for EXTs. Students typically may not drop a course in which they have been granted an EXT.

Personal EXTs:

Personal EXTs are appropriate for students coping with illness or other personal circumstances beyond their control at the end of the term. Request forms for these EXTs are available from an associate dean of students who will receive and judge the validity of these requests. Verification is required to document circumstances that have had an impact on one's ability to finish course work or finals. Students must submit all requests before 2:00 p.m. the day following final exams.

The due date for completed work will be set at the time the extension is granted; students will receive either an EX1 for a one-week extension or an EX3 for a three-week extension. Faculty should submit a final grade for the course as soon as possible, so that timely decisions about a student's status may be made. If a grade is not submitted by the EXT grade submission deadline, the Registrar's Office will assign a grade of X and the faculty member will need to follow the grade change process to update the student's grade.  If students do not complete course work by the end of the extension period, faculty should submit the grade a student would have earned at the time the EXT was granted.

Academic EXTs:

Academic EXTs are appropriate when something nonpersonal interferes with a student's ability to complete work: the kiln blows up; the rats die; the promised research materials arrive late. "Normal" computer failures are not covered by this policy; it is expected that students will back up their files.

Only rarely will EXTs be granted for academic reasons. If a student or faculty member wishes to request an EXT on academic grounds, the instructor should submit a written request for approval to the Associate Dean of the College, explaining the circumstances in full.

The due date for completed work will be set at the time the extension is granted, but in no case will it be later than the end of the second week of the following term. The instructor, the relevant associate dean, and the student must agree in writing on the due date. The instructor must submit a final grade for the course by the end of the third week of the following term.

See also end of term deadlines.

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