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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Major Field Requirements

A maximum of 78 credits can be required for a major, including the comprehensive examination/senior integrative exercise and required courses and their prerequisites offered by other departments.

The requirements for majors are outlined in the Academic Catalog. Deviations from and substitutions for the stated requirements may be made by judgment of the appropriate authority. For established departmental majors, this authority resides with the department chair. For special majors, this authority resides with the major advisers and the Academic Standing Committee (ASC), which approves special majors.

For a course to count toward the major, a grade of C- or better must be earned; these courses cannot be taken on an elective S/Cr/NC basis.  Departments may make exceptions for extra-departmental courses if appropriate.

See also double major, special majors, and declaration of major.

Last revised June 25, 2013
Keywords: major field requirements, double major, special major, declaration of major

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