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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Academic Progress

Normally a student is expected to fulfill all graduation requirements in four years or the equivalent of 12 academic terms. A student who has declared his or her major, has passed the writing portfolio, and wishes to graduate in less than 12 terms may signal that intention by submitting to the registrar a copy of his or her degree audit and the Request to Accelerate Graduation form, signed by his or her major adviser(s) and major department chair(s), confirming that the proposed program is feasible. All graduation requirements must be satisfied by the end of the accelerated final term or the student will be required to register for an additional full-time term. Under special circumstances, if additional time is necessary for a student to complete minimal degree requirements, an extension of student status beyond 12 terms may be granted by the Academic Standing Committee (ASC). The Committee may also authorize the extension of financial aid to eligible students at the same time.

All students are subject to academic review and thus are assumed to be making satisfactory progress as long as they are permitted to remain in the College. A normal rate of progress is considered to be 17 or 18 credits per term. Although it is understood that occasionally a lighter load may be appropriate because certain courses or certain terms may prove to be especially difficult, a student must earn credits at least at the following minimal level and maintain a minimal grade point average that indicates an eventual level of accomplishment of "C" (2.0) or better necessary for graduation:



3 54 42 1.8
6 108 96 2.0
9 162 150 2.0

A student not maintaining a level of progress toward the degree at the minimal rate may be dismissed from the College.

The ASC reviews student academic records at the end of each term. Students whose record indicates a precipitous decline may be suspended from the College regardless of their overall record. The committee may send a "letter of concern" to students not already subject to review whose record for the term or whose cumulative record shows signs of an academic deficiency (e.g., due to low grades, loss of credits, decline in grade point average, problems in the major, etc.) or to students currently subject to review whose record has improved but who may still be making less than normal progress. Students whose rate of progress places them at or near minimum in credits or grade point average will be "placed on review" and usually required to meet certain standards (e.g., take and pass 18 credits, grades of C or better, prepare and follow an academic plan, attend class regularly, earn summer school credits, etc.) to maintain acceptable standing.

At the end of the next term, the committee may take a student off review status, send a letter of continued concern, or place/continue the student on review. If the student's record has remained at an unacceptable level or has deteriorated, or demonstrates a precipitous decline; or if the student has not met the requirements set by the committee; or if it is apparent that the student will not be able to fulfill the requirements of a major or graduation within the terms remaining, the committee may suspend or dismiss the student from the College. In all cases, the committee considers individual circumstances in deciding upon the review status of the student.

Except in the case of precipitous decline, students on review are warned about inadequate academic progress, given advice about resources and corrective action and, frequently, required to meet certain standards of achievement in the following term. The parent(s) and the student's academic adviser are kept informed of ASC actions.

Financial aid corresponds to the student's enrollment status and continues for eligible students as long as they are enrolled. When a student is suspended or dismissed from the College, financial aid is discontinued. Aid is reinstated or awarded to eligible students upon re-enrollment.

See also withdrawal/term amnesty.

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