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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Advanced Placement

Carleton accepts up to 36 credits toward the Carleton degree from any combination of the following: College Board Advanced Placement credits, International Baccalaureate credits, or approved pre-matriculation credits (credits earned in college-level courses taken before graduation from high school or before matriculation at a college or university). These credits may not be applied to general education requirements.

Carleton grants advanced placement and exemption from certain graduation requirements to entering students who are able to demonstrate a sufficient level of mastery in a subject. Each department sets its own criteria for advanced placement. Some advanced placement credits are conditional and are not awarded until the student has successfully completed, with a grade of C- or better, more advanced work in the same field in a Carleton course.

Students seeking advanced placement or exemption should check the Academic Catalog and contact the appropriate department for further information.

Last revised July 16, 2014
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Last Reviewed: Jun 24th, 2015

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