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Employment & Benefits

This section provides an overview of many benefits available to faculty and staff. In the event of conflict between the overview provided in this handbook and the plan document or insurance plan, the plan document or insurance plan will govern. Complete descriptions are not possible in the handbook; employees should contact Human Resources for specific plan details. The Labor Agreement governs in the case of Union employees in all aspects of this section. Regular employees who have a schedule involving a (.46) FTE or above are eligible to participate in the College’s benefit programs.

Carleton College will comply with all applicable laws such as ACA, FMLA, federal, state, and any applicable regulations.

Short-Term Medical, Funeral or Compassionate Leaves

A member of the faculty should notify the department chair and the dean of the college of short-term absences up to five days in length due to serious personal circumstances. Examples include, but are not limited to, a faculty member's acute illness preventing him or her from being able to work, the death of a family member, or the necessity of providing short-term care to a sick child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent. Regular salary and benefits will continue during such short-term leaves. Arrangements for classes and other responsibilities will be made with the department chair. If it becomes necessary to extend a leave beyond five days in any of these circumstances, further leave benefits may be considered, in negotiation with the department chair and dean of the college.

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Last Reviewed: Sep 2nd, 2015

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