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Employment & Benefits

This section provides an overview of many benefits available to faculty and staff. In the event of conflict between the overview provided in this handbook and the plan document or insurance plan, the plan document or insurance plan will govern. Complete descriptions are not possible in the handbook; employees should contact Human Resources for specific plan details. The Labor Agreement governs in the case of Union employees in all aspects of this section. Regular non-union employees who have a schedule involving a (.46) FTE or above, and Union employees who have a (.50) FTE or above are eligible to participate in the College’s benefit programs.

Carleton College will comply with all applicable laws such as ACA, FMLA, federal, state, and any applicable regulations.

Salary Payments

Faculty salaries are paid in 12 equal installments on the last day of each month beginning on September 30, through a direct deposit in the faculty member's designated bank(s). A faculty member will be advised in writing of any prospective change in salary.

A faculty member on a full-time appointment at Carleton is expected to devote full time to teaching, scholarly activity, and related duties while the College is in session. It is assumed that the faculty member's professional development and contributions to his/her field will involve occasional off-campus activities such as attendance at professional meetings, lecturing, performing, consulting, or research.

Academic recess periods (including mid-term, term and summer breaks) are intended to provide periods of professional and personal renewal for faculty members during their employment. The College does not provide faculty members with paid vacation in addition to such recess periods; to satisfy the responsibilities of a faculty member’s position it may be necessary to occasionally perform duties during these recess periods.

In addition to specified salary payments, the College provides numerous collateral benefits which constitute part of the total compensation of faculty members. Any faculty member at Carleton who normally carries at least a one-half time teaching load for at least two terms of the academic year is eligible for benefits on a prorated basis. If a one-term sabbatical is combined with two terms of unpaid leave within a given academic year, the College will continue to pay its share of fringe benefit costs for the sabbatical term only; the faculty member will be allowed to continue some benefits during terms of leave without pay by paying the total benefit costs. Questions concerning salary payments or collateral benefits may be discussed with the College's Human Resources Office. Changes may occur which would amend, modify, or delete portions of the benefit package at any time. Details of the various benefits plans are available in the College's Office of Human Resources.

Last revised September 28, 2020
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