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Faculty Entertaining Students Program

Academic departmental budgets receive a special annual allocation to subsidize and encourage faculty-student interaction outside the classroom (such as in homes or other appropriate gathering places).  These funds are intended to encourage faculty members and departments to think creatively about ways to engage with students outside the classroom in meaningful ways.

Departmental budgets are allocated $80 per term per faculty member in expense code 5997; the department may choose to commingle these funds/events in whatever way creates the most meaningful event(s) for their student/faculty interactions.  If a department exceeds the funds available in  account 5997, the overages will be charged against other departmental funds at the end of the fiscal year.

Please note that these funds are not fungible; they cannot be used for other purposes in the department, and will not be included in the carryover at the end of the fiscal year.

Last revised June 23, 2014
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Last Reviewed: Jun 16th, 2015

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