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College Governance

CSA - Carleton Student Association

The Carleton Student Association (CSA) Senate, is the student governing body. As a student who pays the Student Activity Fee, you are automatically a member of CSA, giving you certain rights and responsibilities. Please visit the CSA website for more information:

“The CSA Constitution and By-Laws are working documents, followed as closely as possible to current practices. The CSA Senate is in the process of revising and updating them. Any proposed Constitution changes will be voted upon by the Student Body; any proposed By-Laws changes will be posted for one week prior to a vote in the Senate.”

  • Constitution

    The document which guides governance of the Carleton Student Association

  • Bylaws

    Bylaws outlining procedures for the operation of Senate

  • CSA All Campus e-mail system

    Instructions for submitting to the all-campus e-mail system.

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