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Housing & Residential Living

Medical and Disability Accommodations

Housing Accommodations

Individuals with a disability seeking a housing accommodation (i.e., an exception to standard Carleton housing rules and procedures) other than the use of a service animal must document their disabilities and the need for the requested accommodation. This information must be documented by a licensed healthcare provider with competence and expertise in the area of diagnosis. Different requirements apply to requests to use a service animal.

Housing accommodations are not academic accommodations. In order to determine if special housing arrangements are a reasonable accommodation, we must receive detailed documentation of the correlation of your disability-related limitations with the need for special housing arrangements that cannot be either secured through the Room Draw process or completed after a room has been drawn.

In order to ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate documentation, current and comprehensive documentation is required. Please have your physician complete the Medical Documentation form. The Student Health and Counseling staff can provide support or can answer questions, but may not have enough knowledge of your history or situation to provide enough documentation to support an accommodation.

In order for your documentation to be as complete as possible, the following questions should be answered:

  • What is the problem?
  • How long will it continue?
  • How does the problem manifest itself?
  • What aggravates the problem?
  • What makes it better?
  • What sort of housing situation is NEEDED or ideal?

If we are unable to accommodate your request, we will assist you in making good choices in the room draw process or will work with you after Room Draw to make the room meet your needs. Accommodations that also include roommates are also difficult to approve since we are limited in our spaces and options. Your documentation must state clearly why a particular roommate may be a part of your accommodation.

Procedure for petitioning for a housing accommodation

  • Step 1: Download the Housing Accommodation Request form and read it thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Fill out the form and have your health care provider complete the Medical Documentation form.
  • Step 3: Submit the form and all supporting documentation to the Office of Disability Services for review by the Director.
  • Step 4: The Director will review the request and decide if more information is needed. The Director may consult with other College staff or your health care provider prior to making a decision. You may be contacted by College staff members for more information regarding your request.
  • Step 5: If needed, Disability Service staff may ask for a meeting to discuss your requests in more detail. You may request a meeting if you think it would be helpful.
  • Step 6: The Director will make a decision regarding your request and inform you in writing.

Approved on July 31, 2008.

Last revised December 27, 2017
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Last Reviewed: Dec 27th, 2017

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