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Housing & Residential Living

Deliveries and Solicitors

Trades people, solicitors, or peddlers (except those who have received written approval from the Office of Residential Life) are not permitted in the residence halls/housing. Student organizations may be granted permission by Residential Life to raise funds or provide information within the residence halls. In such cases, student organizations may be allowed to participate at floor study breaks or be in lounges to ask for funds or share information. Student organizations should submit the request to the Area Director of the building. No door-to-door solicitation is allowed. Individual students will not be given permission to raise funds or to sell products for profit within the residence halls.

Candidates for election to public offices are allowed by Minnesota State Law to go door-to-door for the purpose of campaigning. They must receive permission from the Dean of Students Office or Residential Life before entering any residential building. Candidates are not allowed to solicit funds while campaigning in the residential buildings.

Maintenance, custodial and contracted employees carry Carleton ID cards. Please contact Security Services at Ext. 4444 if unknown individuals are in the residence halls/houses.

Approved by Residential Life on July 31, 2006.

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Last Reviewed: Sep 15th, 2014

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