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Housing & Residential Living

Vending and Laundry

Vending Machines

Vending machines are by the Carleton Student Association. All profits received from these services go directly to CSA for student use. This is intended to be a self-sustaining operation. Deficits are paid to the vendors out of student activity fees and profits are put into the activity fund. Auxiliary Services coordinates these services with a local vendor.

If you experience a problem with a vending machine or lose money in a machine, please contact Campus Services.

Snack and Beverage

Vending machines are located in many common areas of the residence halls, many of the houses, and several academic and non-academic buildings have snack and beverage vending machines.

Change Machine
There is a change machine located in upper Sayles near the video games. Roles of quarters may also be purchased from the cashier in the Business Office (lower level of Leighton).


The washers and dryers located in the residence halls use prepaid funds stored as Schillers on your OneCard. You can add Schillers to your card in the Business Office or Bookstore during office hours, or on the web through the OneCard web site. The Village Apartments have washers and dryers for which residents of the apartments are charged a flat fee of $25 per term. Many of the small houses have coin-operated washers and dryers.

If you experience a problem with a laundry machine, please fill out a Facilities Work Request.

If you witness someone tampering with or breaking into a machine, call Security Services at Ext. 4444 immediately.

Approved by Residential Life on July 26, 2007.

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