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Social Events

Social events and parties, with or without alcohol, may be held in the residence halls and small houses so long as the rights of other residents and neighbors are respected. Social event hosts and the occupants of the room hosting the event are responsible for the behavior of their guests and for ensuring that all applicable College regulations are respected.

Normally, small events may be sponsored within individual rooms. A small event is defined as one at which no more than five guests per resident of the room shall be in attendance. As an example, three students in a triple may have a total of fifteen guests without needing to move or register the event. Events and parties which are larger than this generally disturb other residents or neighbors; therefore, larger events are allowed in locations which are less disruptive to others. As a courtesy, students hosting small events should consult with their neighbors. Small events must end by 11 p.m. weekdays and 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Large events or parties at which more than five guests per occupant are expected to attend or which are held in lounges within the residence halls or small houses must be registered. Large events must be approved by the RA/ House Manager and the Area Director by noon on Thursday. In addition, the space must be reserved at least five days in advance of the event. Large events in public areas within residential facilities are normally scheduled for Friday or Saturday. Social events must conclude by 1 a.m. at which time guests should depart and the area should be cleaned. Social Event Registration forms are available from the Office of Residential Life or the Area Director. All-campus social events and parties are not allowed in student residential areas. Events scheduled for non-residential areas are scheduled through the Student Activities Office. Large, all-campus parties are restricted to Carleton Students and their guests, who must be accompanied by their host.

Alcohol may be served at social events in accordance with College policy. Hosts of an event at which alcohol is to be present are responsible for ensuring that non-alcoholic beverages and food are present, that those who are visibly intoxicated are not served, and that only those of legal age are consuming alcohol.  In addition, it is against Minnesota State law to sell or charge for alcoholic beverages without a license; therefore, students may not charge or sell alcohol at either large or small events. The social event registration form provides detailed information regarding host responsibilities, which are discussed with each host prior to approval of the event.  For reference, please visit the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy on the Dean of Students page.

Approved by Residential Life on July 25, 2007.

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Last Reviewed: Sep 22nd, 2014

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