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New Technology Request Program


The New Technology Request Program (NTRP) is an annual process whereby academic and administrative departments request approval for additional hardware and software that is outside of the regular equipment replacement cycle.  Requests for NTRP technologies are part of the annual Information Technology Services (ITS) request process in Winter term.  


Requests can include hardware, software, projection equipment, etc. Requests for new technologies are expected to demonstrate a need in support of a college or departmental goal, or strategic initiative.


Instructions to submit a request are typically sent to departments in January.  An ITS representative (Academic Technologist or Departmental Liaison) will be available to assist departments in verifying the scope of requests and identify needs before the final submission is made.  

ITS staff will assemble all the information, adding additional relevant details, before forwarding the requests to the committee.

The NTRP is managed by a five member committee (NTRC) comprising of:

  • Associate Dean of the College,
  • 1 Academic Computing Technology Committee member,
  • 1 Administrative Computing Advisory Committee member,
  • Budget Director
  • 1 standing ITS staff member.

Membership will be identified by Technology Planning & Priorities Committee (TPPC).  The NTRC will review and prioritize all requests, and make a recommendation to TPPC for approval. NTRC will typically meet in March or April to review the requests and develop an allocation recommendation. The TPPC will typically approve requests in May and departments will be notified of the status of their requests in May/June. Delivery of requested technology will start in June.

The NTRC and TPPC will use the following criteria in evaluating requests:

  • Supports a college or departmental goal or strategic initiative,
  • Provides multiple benefits to others,
  • Provides notable improvement to productivity,
  • Enhances teaching or improves workflow,
  • Enhances services to our community,
  • Aligns with existing IT purchasing policies,
  • Is supportable and sustainable.


  1. A request need not meet all criteria.  
  2. Any technology request submitted after the deadline will be considered once per term by the committee depending on available funding.  
  3. Replacement or renewal of existing software contracts and technology are addressed in the regular ITS replacement process.


College technology already in the replacement cycle will be handled in parallel with the NTRP process.  Delivery of both new approved requests, as well as replacement equipment, happens throughout the year.  Academic deliveries take precedence during the summer, and all other deliveries take place throughout the academic year.

Last revised January 31, 2013

Last Reviewed: Jul 2nd, 2015

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