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Responsible Use of Technology

Responsible use of Technology

Electronic mail, voice mail, the Internet, and other communication technologies are essential work tools for Carleton College employees. The College expects its employees to be responsible with the use of technology in the workplace – that members respect the rights of others and comply with laws that govern communication and communication technology. Users should be aware that while the College makes a reasonable effort to maintain the privacy of all user mail and files, it cannot guarantee privacy. Messages sent over the Internet can be intercepted in various ways. Although the computing staff does not routinely monitor computer files and electronic mail stored on Carleton’s network services, designated staff members with authorization may need to examine selected individual files to ensure adequate and reliable performance of the College’s communication systems. Network traffic also may need to be reviewed for security problems, as identified by authorized computing staff and senior officials of the College.

Appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology:

Technology tools are made available to employees to support College business: learning, teaching, research, internal and external communication, College administrative functions, and authorized co-curricular activities. Carleton’s technology may also be applied to secondary uses that include personal communication, personal projects, and recreational activities, so long as they do not interfere with primary work duties.

Prohibited uses are those actions that jeopardize the viability of the College’s including but not limited to, computer systems or uses that put the College in a litigious situation. Carleton also will not tolerate actions that result in the creation of a hostile or offensive work environment. Other inappropriate uses include playing games, surfing sexually oriented websites, and sending hostile or offensive electronic mail messages. Carleton’s technology tools are for use for Carleton business only. Employees who misuse technology in the workplace will be subject to disciplinary action that may include a variety of sanctions in written and verbal form, up to and including dismissal from the College. See "Outside Employment" for applicable questions concerning equipment use.

Last revised August 21, 2013
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