Statement of Purpose

Student Wellness Advocates (SWAs) seek to create a campus environment that allows the entire Carleton community to flourish by means of peer wellness advocacy and evidence-based health education. SWAs also connect students to the wide array of resources and support available on campus and in the community. In order to bring a truly flourishing campus to fruition we:

  • Disseminate wellness and health information through both passive and active programming, while remaining aware of the needs of our ever-shifting campus climate
  • Challenge wellness myths and campus norms with peer-reviewed scientific literature as the foundation to everything we do
  • Collaborate with other peer educators on campus to most effectively spread awareness and information to specific subsets of our campus population
  • Advocate for a student wellness lens in all administrative and faculty decisions and actions
  • Connect students to campus resources including, but not limited to, the Office of Health Promotion
  • Continually seek new information and best practices in order to best educate ourselves and our campus