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Apr 21

Foro Latinoamericano 2018

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Margarita López Maya "Venezuela's Misfortune: The Consequences of Charisma" Christóbal Rovira-Kaltwasser, "What's the Problem with Populism"

8:30 am – 12:00 pm / Gould Library Athenaeum

Each year, students faculty and alumni of the Latin American Studies Program convene to share in an academic experience that brings to the Foro and to campus a major topic, event, and country of Latin America.

 This year the Foro explores the phenomenon of populism in Latin America. We ask if the concept, which has been applied extensively in recent months to political movements, parties,and leaders in Eruope, the United States, South and Southeast Asia, retains its analytical usefulness in comparative perspective. Specifically, is the U.S., where the phenomenon originated in its modern form during the late 19th century, a case that can be informed by the experience of populism in Latin America. We also turn to specific cases of populism in Latin America, and particularly Venezuela, where the chavista experiment has tested the limits of whether populism can coexist with liberal democracy while retaining elements of socialism and capitalism. Finally, we will apply the experiences of populism in advanced capitalist countries to inform our understanding of how populism is evolving in Latin America.

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Sponsored by Latin American Studies. Contact: Mary Tatge, x4252