Humanities Events

May 18

Northfield Reads: Veterans' Voices

Community reading project featuring literature written by veterans, about veterans' experiences.

Sunday, May 18th, 2014
4:00 – 6:00 pm / Weitz Center 236, Larson Meeting Room
Sunday, May 18, Weitz Center 236 ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

This past winter, the “Telling Project” gave us an opportunity to hear veterans’ voices through a theatrical production. This event included several organizations who teamed up to invite members of our community to gather for a rich discussion of veterans’ experiences as they are revealed through war literature. A few short readings were chosen as points of departure for their discussion.

Most of these readings are still available through the links below. On May 18th, the discussion was kicked off with a performance/ reading of Brian Turner's poem "2,000 lbs." and then the group reflected on the chosen readings to grapple with the ways they reshaped their understanding of veterans’ experiences. 


The Northfield Public Library gave us permission to link to their LibGuide.

Four additional selections are available in the book, POWDER: Writing by Women in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq, eds. Lisa Bowden and Shannon Cain (2008), printed by Kore Press:

  1. Foreword, copyright by Helen Benedict
  2. Memorial Day Pow Wow, copyright by Donna Dean
  3. The Dead Iraqi War Album, copyright by Terry Hurley
  4. Bosnia, 1996, copyright by Victoria Hudson

This Initiative was part of "Northfield Reads," a new community initiative to encourage people from across the community to come together to talk, to share ideas, to connect, and to open themselves to new perspectives. The hope was that through shared readings and conversations, we could create more and broader connections within the community.

Northfield Reads events will be offered twice a year, often in conjunction with another community event. Readings will be made available in various ways and locations. It is sponsored by the Northfield Human Rights Commission, the Carleton Humanities Center, the League of Women Voters, the Arcadia Charter School, the Northfield Public Library, and the Northfield VFW Post 4393.

Sponsored by Humanities Center. Contact: Susannah Ottaway, x5446