To Apply

Application Process

To apply, potential Fellows should send a two-page proposal to before 5 p.m., January 20, 2015. The selection criteria used by the Humanities Center Advisory Board are listed below.

Applicants should indicate:

  • Their specific research project and the ways in which the Seminar would enhance their work, and
  • The nature of contributions they might bring to the collaborative group.

This year, the collaboration with the Global Engagement Initiative will allow us to accept more than our usual number of Faculty Fellows.  Up to nine or ten Faculty Research Fellows will be chosen by the Advisory Board in consultation with the Seminar Leaders and the Directors of the Global Engagement Initiative, with preference given to faculty from a variety of disciplines. Faculty of all ranks (and, where applicable, staff) with a scholarly interest in the subject are invited to apply.

Selection Criteria for Faculty Fellows

  1. The project. By far the most important criterion for selection is the quality of the application, and specifically the quality of the project itself. Considerations include the excellence of the proposal as the Board perceives it—the thesis, the specificity of the project (article, chapter, exhibit, recital…), the likelihood that the individual will complete or make significant progress toward completion of the project during the grant period, the sophistication of the arguments, and the pertinent preparation of the individual to undertake the project.
  2. Appropriateness. Does the project significantly reflect the theme of the Seminar? Based on the proposal, would the applicant contribute significantly to the group? Would the project interact constructively with others in the group?
  3. Diversity. The Board will seek to attract and select a diverse group of individuals, considering departments, divisions, race and ethnicity, gender, age, and experience.
  4. Other considerations, though less important than the preceding categories, might include the timing of the faculty member’s leave, availability, other grants received, or teaching load during a particular year. The HC Advisory Board will also make every effort to craft a working group with mutually stimulating projects, and thus it will pay close attention to possible synergies as it selects members of the Seminar.