Fall 2010


Five Steps to Getting It Published, Faculty Panel: George Shuffelton, English; Kim Smith, Political Science; Michael McNally, Religion; Alison Kettering, Art History.  Editors: Lara Heimert, VP and Editorial Director, Basic Books, formerly of Yale University Press; Jason Weidemann, Editor, Social Sciences and Cinema and Media Studies, University of Minnesota Press 


Dialogos I: Faculty Research Exchange, Panoramic Images & Panoramic Consciousness, John Schott (Cinema and Media Studies), Discussant: Elizabeth McKinsey (English and American Studies). Thanks to digital photography, panoramic photographs have become popular in the last decade. This talk explores the [remarkably  radical] esthetics of the panorama as an image form, and traces its history back to the late 18th century. It argues that "panoramic consciousness"—the aspiration to immerse oneself in an image—may be one of the central driving forces in the evolution of visual media.

Haiti-After the Earthquake.  Rea Dol, founder and director of the SOPUDEP school for indigent  children near Port-au-Prince, will speak about the current situation in Haiti. Professor Max Adrien ( Haitian native and Professor at Hamline), will provide cultural context, and student leaders of Haiti Relief will speak briefly about how to help Haiti now.

Susana di Palma has won international acclaim as one of the foremost flamenco dancers and choreographers in the world. Combining a passionate love for traditional Spanish flamenco with the creative choreographer’s spirit, she has mesmerized audiences on several continents. Her shows have been described as “ferocious, enigmatic, poignant” (The Seattle Times), with “a sense of humor and a clear idea of theater” (The Villager, New York). Sponsored by the Humanities Center, Distinguished Women Visitors, Latin American Studies and Department of Spanish 

Dialogos II: Faculty Research Exchange, Exhibition as (no) place, Dana Strand, (French and Francophone Studies) Tarzan's (Post)colonial Misadventures at the Quai Branly; David Lefkowitz (Art and Art History,} Other Positioning Systems