Application for the Student Research Assistantship

Application for the Student Research Research Assistantship is to be completed by the professor.

DEADLINE: Summer break SRAs: MONDAY, 6, March, 2017, 5:00 p.m.

PRIORITY will be given to rising juniors and seniors, though sophomores are also eligible.

QUESTIONS? Contact Silvia López

The Humanities Center at Carleton
Application for a Student Research Assistantship
(to be completed by the professor)

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The purpose of the HC Student Research Assistantship is to afford students the opportunity to engage in significant humanities research beyond the classroom. Please indicate specifically the SRA’s role in your project, the possible ways in which the project will contribute to his or her intellectual development, and the frequency with which you will meet with the student. Also list here the qualifications of the student that you have selected. (Feel free, though not obligated, to use a second page for your remarks.)
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