SRPs - Winter Break 2009

Humanities Center Student Research partnersWinter 2009

Jason Decker (Philosophy), Daniel Forman and Nicholas Ickovic

  • A study of the possibility of mutually recognized rational disagreement between epistemic peers.

Humberto Huergo (Spanish) and Emily Thomas                                         

  • An anthology of photographic theory in Spain between 1920-1936 and a collection of essays about Madrid from the same period.

Steve Kennedy (Mathematics) and Erica Chesley                                          

  • A book-length project on the American mathematician Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974), whose pedagogical ideas were influenced by John Dewey.

Michael McNally (Religion) and Jacob Kring

  • Research on religious freedom case studies, such as contested sacred lands and pending treaty rights, for the website operated by Professor McNally,                                                 

Roger Paas (German) and Paul Carpenter 

  • An anthology of American sheet music from the First World War, which will serve as a basic resource for historians.

George Shuffelton (English) and Rebecca Huffman                                     

  • An essay on Chaucer’s role in contemporary American debates over obscenity, pornography, and censorship, tentatively titled “Father Chaucer, Obscene Chaucer.” 

Shawn VanCour (Cinema and Media Studies) and Ben Blink                   

  • An essay project on the history of television sound, which explores preferred standards of sound reproduction pursued at key moments in TV history and the corresponding sets of sound technologies developed to meet these standards.

Carolyn Wong (Political Science) and Bill Vang                                 

  • A project investigating attitudes of Hmong Americans towards civic affairs and politics.