SRPs - Summer 2011

Humanities Center Student Research Partners Summer 2011

Kristin Bloomer (Religion) and Claire Harper, to complete a book manuscript, Possessed by a Goddess: Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, and Marian Spirit Possession in Tamil Nadu, South India. The SRA will read and report on current articles, help to edit the manuscript, and organize a photographic archive.

Fred Hagstrom (Art) and Leah Willemin, to collaborate in all aspects of printing a binding a book titled Deeply Honored, which treats of a Carleton student who was killed in the Second World War.  

Greg Hewett (English) and Camille Hommeyer, for collaborative work on the revision of the manuscript THE HEAVY: The Sometimes Noir Life and Gay Loves of the Actor Thomas Gomez During the Golden Ages of Broadway and Hollywood and for help in designing the website   

Stephen Mohring (Art) and Noah Sapse for an apprenticeship in the studio to begin a new body of work utilizing custom cut planks from Carleton’s sawmill. The SRA will help with construction from maquette to finished work.                                                                       

Anna Moltchanova (Philosophy) and Dania Lerman to conduct research for a book on immigrant inclusion. After identifying and analyzing an array of surveys, the SRA will help produce an original survey to collect information on a receiving culture's attitudes to immigrants when immigrants' values collide with those of the receiving culture.

William North (History) and Lina Feuerstein for collaboration on a project on diverse polemics between religious orders in the twelfth-century. The SRA will read both scholarly literature and primary sources, develop search strategies for text databases, and formulate historical arguments on the basis of these analyses.

Lori Pearson (Religion) and Brooke Granowski, to begin research for a book project on the work of Marianne Weber, wife of sociologist Max Weber but an intellectual and philosopher of culture in her own right. The SRA will read and synthesize entries in German from the Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe and conduct research on the women’s movement in late 19th-century Germany.                                                    

Kathryn Ryor (Art History) and Ziliang Liu, for completion of a book manuscript on the sixteenth-century Chinese artist and calligrapher Xu Wei and the importance of the physical body and sensual experience in his work. The SRA will conduct extensive research using the Siku quan shu electronic database as well as a series of censored works at the University of Minnesota.