Summer 2018 Student Research Partnerships

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce the recipients of summer break Student Research Partner (SRP) awards.* Congratulations to all!

Cecilia Cornejo (Cinema and Media Studies) and Fernando Saldivia Yanez ’20 (Cinema and Media Studies) with do archival research for “Ways of Being Home,” a documentary film that examines marginalization and belonging from the perspective of Mexican immigrants living in Northfield, MN. They will be looking for, analyzing, and selecting news snippets from various media, as well as searching for images and sounds specific to border-crossing stories.

Michael Flynn (Linguistics) and Kyra Wilson ’20 (undeclared) will work on a long-term collaborative project on the production of a pedagogical grammar of the Dakota language, which will help preserve it, and will be used for teaching the language to future generations.

Laska Jimsen (Cinema and Media Studies) and Jacob Isaacs ’20 (undeclared) will research the lives of women, indigenous communities, and other people of color on the frontier and in motion picture history, and will identify tangible stories, locations, and characters to feature in the film “Frontier,” a 60-minute experimental nonfiction film that that traces the parallel histories of the closing of the American frontier and the birth of photochemical film. They will also start contacting archives and historical societies for documents, images, and motion pictures. 

Victoria Morse (History) and Alina Maki ’20 (undeclared) will examine the poetry and letters of Francis Petrarch in both English and Latin to understand how Petrarch represented political boundaries and natural landscapes in both prose and poetry. This is part of a larger project on representations of space in 14th-century northern Italy.

Bill North (History) and Read Wilder ’20 (History) will be reviewing and correcting translations of Book I of Peter the Venerable's Two Books of Miracles (mid-12th century). They will research and write annotations, introductions, and other relevant scholarly supplements, and will develop a full and annotated translation of Book II of Peter the Venerable’s work.

Susannah Ottaway (History) and Nicole Connell ’20 (Classics), Cece Lasley ’20 (English), Spenser Lekki ’21 (History), and Elizabeth Budd ’19 (History) will collaborate on a public history project on the 18th-century English Workhouse. They will spend time at the Norfolk Records Office and at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse Museum of Norfolk Life in the UK, installing and assessing the effectiveness of the digital exhibits and digital games constructed by students in History 235: Bringing the English Past to (Virtual) Life.

Liz Raleigh (Sociology) and Alec Morrissey ’21 (undeclared) will examine the legislative history of the Adoption Tax Credit, which has changed substantially since it was first enacted in 1996. This work is part of a broader research project examining the intersection of adoption and public policy.

Asuka Sango (Religion) and Max Lane ’19 (Religion) will produce a literature review on the topics of dreams, gossip, and secrecy in the field of religious studies, incorporating psychological, neuroscientific, anthropological, sociological, philosophical, historical, and literary approaches. This will contribute to a book project on these themes in Heian Japan.

Meera Sehgal (Women’s and Gender Studies) and Evie Odden ’19 (Women’s and Gender Studies) will work on a paper on “Feminist Solidarity and Dissident Friendships” for a larger project on peacemaking and feminist networks in South Asia. They will do qualitative analysis of interview transcripts, websites, and other primary sources.

Kim Smith (Environmental Studies) and James Harren ’19 (Environmental Studies) will do research in the National Archives in Washington, DC for a legal history book project tracing the influence of the Progressive-Era conservation movement on constitutional doctrine.

*Awards made possible by a generous gift from Alison von Klemperer ’82 and by support from the Dean of the College.