Bill Gage '64 and Nancy Bauer IdeaLab


The IdeaLab is located in the Weitz Center for Creativity, Room 27

Academic Term Hours: Monday–Friday 8am–5pm. We're available for instructional use evenings, weekends, and over breaks by appointment.

Carleton College's Weitz Center for Creativity contains a rich array of resources and expertise to help individuals create, critically analyze, and share creative works. Within the Weitz Center, the Gage/Bauer IdeaLab (supported by a gift from Bill Gage ’64 and his wife, Nancy Bauer) was created specifically for collaborative and active learning, offering integrated curricular support for students and faculty, particularly in the areas of visual, audio, and interactive media.

Need to locate images for a presentation? Incorporate them into a poster or slides? Have copyright questions? Need to work in a small group on a project that incorporates media? Want to create an audio recording? A video? Use a space where groups can come together and provide feedback on your latest creative work? Come to the IdeaLab!

Staffed with experts in working with media, presentations, fine art printing, video production and  presentations, its equipment and resources include:

  • A computer lab with 15 dual-boot audio and video editing stations
  • A Check-Out Center library of digital cameras and video production equipment
  • Regularly scheduled how-to workshops
  • "Project Due Date" events in which experts are available at busy points of the term 
  • High-end scanners
  • Large-format printers for fine-art/archival printing
  • Office space and work areas for Academic Technology and Presentation, Events, and Production Support (PEPS) staff

The Gage/Bauer IdeaLab is a suite of collaborative work spaces and labs specifically designed for consultations and small group work. Come learn, experiment, create, and have fun with the best toys on campus!