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  • Presidential Tree Planting
    Created 25 September 2010; Published 28 September 2010
    Reception and Presidential Tree Planting Ceremony

    A red maple is planed on the lawn south of Laird Hall in honor of President Poskanzer's inauguration.

  • Inauguration Ceremony
    Created 25 September 2010; Published 28 September 2010
    Installation Ceremony

    The Installation Ceremony in Skinner Memorial Chapel, featuring an address by Hugo Sonnenschein, President Emeritus and Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago

  • Steven G. Poskanzer
    Created 24 September 2010; Published 25 September 2010
    Convocation: Steve Poskanzer

    The eleventh president of Carleton College, Steven G. Poskanzer assumed his new role on August 2. Originally from Central New York, Poskanzer attended Princeton University as an undergraduate, where he studied International Relations with a concentration in African Studies. He subsequently received his J.D. from Harvard Law School, after which he launched his career into higher education. Formerly chief of staff to the president at the University of Chicago for four years, Poskanzer served for the past 12 years in the SUNY system, the New York state system of higher education that encompasses 64 campuses. He held associate and senior associate provost positions in the main SUNY office, the final two years as head of the office of academic affairs. He became vice provost for academic affairs in 2000 before moving to the SUNY–New Paltz campus in October 2001 as that institution’s president, serving first on an interim basis until being named permanently to the position in 2003. Having served leadership roles at both public and private institutions of higher education gives Poskanzer a unique perspective as the new president of Carleton College. The title of his convocation address was "Setting Prairie Fires."

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