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Greeting from the Carleton Student Association

Jinai Bharucha ’10, president, Carleton Student Association
Saturday, September 25, 2010

On April 23rd of this year, hundreds of students and members of the Carleton Community gathered in Sayles to hear their new President, Steve Poskanzer, speak for the first time. The email had been sent merely hours prior, but like typical Carls, we were curious to see the result of the labors of the Presidential Search Committee, which had been meeting for months. The look of surprise on Steve’s face when he was greeted with an explosion of applause was indicative of his humble nature- he did not expect so many people to gather together with so much enthusiasm to meet him.

In the months following this, Steve has demonstrated to me that his humble nature is genuine. In addition, he places a high value on forming meaningful relationships with members of our community. At an ice-cream social with summer residents, he engaged students in dynamic conversations without coming across as either hurried or superficial. In fact, Steve was so engaged that he neglected to eat any ice cream until one hour into the event, when students thought it would be appropriate to bring a bowl for him!

More recently, Steve has been pictured in a number of campus publications with the elusive bust of Schiller. Students are thrilled by his willingness to participate in one of our less-serious passions and the photos have been circulated and discussed at great length. President Poskanzer, we could not be more excited to engage with you in fun traditions, serious conversations, and games of broomball on the ice in the coming years. As students, we are delighted that you have embraced our culture and confident in what the future holds. Welcome to Carleton from all of us.