Pre-Departure Information

We are delighted you are coming to Carleton! Here are a few suggestions you might consider:

Photographs & Visual Materials

Students are encouraged to bring along a few photographs of their families, friends and home country sights. These are not only wonderful mementos, but also a good visual aids when describing life back at home. During their stay in the U. S., international students are occasionally asked to speak about their home life and visual materials such as slides, videos, and posters will make such presentations more effective.

Traditional Clothing

Students are invited to bring along traditional clothing. There may be several events, international dinners, etc., at which students would enjoy wearing traditional attire from their home countries.


Students should make several photocopies of their important documents, leaving a set at home and taking several sets with them when they travel.  PLEASE CARRY THESE DOCUMENTS ON YOUR PERSON, not in your checked bags. Most important are photocopies of:

  • Passport (identification page)
  • Entry visa stamp page in passport
  • Form I-20 or DS2019
  • Credit cards
  • Other important document such as:
    • Financial affidavits
    • Scholarship award letters
    • Admission letters

Before you can come to the United States you must apply for a visa. Most students will be applying for a F-1 visa, others for a J-1 visa.

It is very important that you apply for your visa as soon as possible. Sometimes there are delays, and we want to make sure you have plenty of time for the whole process.

Should you be denied a visa, you must contact the Assistant Director of the Office of Intercultural & International Life immediately. The OIIL office may be able to help you with the re-application process.