Greetings from the Interim Director for the Office of Intercultural & International Life

The decision to study in a foreign country can be exciting and at the same time overwhelming! Adjusting to a new educational environment in another country presents many challenges both to students and to their parents. As interim director of the Office of Intercultural & International Life it is my pleasure to assist international students in their transition to life at Carleton and to life in the United States.

I help international students integrate into all aspects of college life, and I act as liaison and advocate with departmental, administrative and governmental offices. I provide advice on academic, financial, legal and personal matters. I organize the international student orientation and I am responsible for cultural programming. I am also a support staff, when considering a possible leave of absence from campus. As a visa holding student, you are required to meet with me before the Dean of Students Office approves your request.

 I would be very glad to answer any questions you and your family might have about Carleton College, please feel free to contact me at

I hope you will consider joining our growing international family at Carleton College! I look forward to meeting you on campus!

Brisa B. Zubia
Interim Director of the Office of Intercultural & International Life, Carleton College

Contact Information for International Students

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Interim Director for Intercultural and International Life