International Student Voices

There are presently more than 200 degree seeking international students at Carleton from more than 35 countries from around the globe.

International student life at Carleton is rich and varied (see Intl. Student Photo Galleries).

International students interact with their American peers in the dorms, in student organizations, such as Model U.N., in community service projects like Habitat for Humanity, and in the classroom.

Special cultural and social programming for international students is always open to their American friends who participate in monthly international dinners, holiday celebrations, hiking trips, and theater and musical excursions to Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

I love the people here at Carleton. We are serious about our own work but always ready to drop it to help other people with their work. We are all uniquely quirky, and still there is someone who shares that passion about that specific something, or who wants to learn everything about it. We are also always busy - we may be busy doing problem sets or busy buying Friday Flowers to brighten up a friend's day or busy directing plays or busy with research or busy hanging out with friends or busy doing all of that at once! 

-Min Yao Lim, 2012, Malaysia

Carleton gives you the platform to excel academically while experiencing a different culture. Before I arrived at Carleton my conceptions of the U.S.A were one-dimensional and tended to be based on stereotypes I grew up with. Now, one year on, I have taken classes in American Politics, had the opportunity to travel around the U.S and listened to talks by experts on issues like the new health care reform and American-Asian Identity. In addition, the caliber of visiting speakers is amazing, this past term I listened to an alum talk who had just won the Pulitzer prize for literature.

-Sara Hooker, 2013, Ireland 

The first time I came to Carleton, I knew right away that it was the right school for me. A couple of years later, I can now turn back and say that what drew me to Carleton is, besides the excellent academics, the potential for personal and intellectual growth it could provide me with. Carleton quenched my thirst for leadership opportunities, fulfilling extra-curricular activities, and most importantly, taught me to critically analyze, argue, and write. It is not a perfect world; but rather one that helps you think out of the box in order to prepare you for a continuously metamorphosing world.

-Gnagna Lam, 2012, Senegal

I am really enjoying my time here at Carleton. The students are sociable and very welcoming and helpful to freshmen in particular. The professors are amazing and always ready to lend a helping hand and to form friendly, nonformal relationships with students. The social life here is great--students create their own fun and there is always something to do on campus.

- Sefalana Matambo, 2008, Botswana

Carleton succeeds in breaking down barriers and stereotypes, bringing together people of distinct cultures in a comfortable setting and letting them get to know each other through simple interaction and academic collaboration. Carleton is the perfect place for you to find your better self.

-Geoffrey Yu, 2006, Investment Banking Analyst, USB London