The International Festival

International Festival

The International Festival has been an ongoing tradition at Carleton for many years, organized by various student groups and individuals. It is a fun and engaging way to encourage cultural and international awareness. It is a multifaceted event that incorporates plenty of:

  • FREE food from all over the world
  • Songs, dances and various performances by students
  • Cultural workshops – Japanese origami, salsa dancing, Indian henna and many more

Vote for a Cause

Below is a list of the four non-profits under consideration by the International Festival Committee as the recipient of funds raised at the festival this year. Please vote for the one you consider to be most deserving. Take note that the main benefit in previous years has not been the funds raised, which tend to be nominal, but the exposure gained by campus awareness of the cause.

Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment

Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment (WISE), Inc. was founded by a group of multi-cultural/national, first-generation immigrant women in 1995 as a vehicle for social, economic and leadership empowerment of Asian, African, and Latina women and girls. Over the past decade, WISE has implemented a number of community-based initiatives aimed at raising consciousness of immigrant issues, developing leadership capacities and promoting self sufficiency of immigrant and refugee women and girls. With the mission of “empowering immigrant women and girls to succeed”, most of WISE’s constituents are refugee/immigrant women, girls and their families in the Twin-Cities, prominently in the St. Paul area, where the size of the immigrant population has significantly increased. Please visit for more information.

La Oportunidad

La Oportunidad is a nonprofit organization and a recognized leader for providing effective educational and supportive programs that enable Latino individuals and families to achieve positive educational and social outcomes. The organization's mission is to champion the development of Latino individuals and families to create a strong, peaceful community. La Oportunidad achieves its mission by providing bilingual and culturally-relevant, research-base and family-centered, programs for Latino children, youth, adults, and families, including the El Camino (The Path) Children's Program, the Latino Youth Program, the Padres (Parents) Program, and the Latinos Ending Abuse Program (LEAP). These programs focus on the development of skills and support systems that result in strong, healthy, economically stable families; and children and youth who are resilient, connected to their cultural strengths, achieve their potential, and prepared to succeed. Please visit for more information.

Building Community Within

Building Community Within is a Minneapolis non-profit organization founded in 2009. It is dedicated to serving the local Somali community of Minneapolis through educational programming. The mission of Building Community Within is to bridge immigrant youth and their families to a brighter and more prosperous future. Building Community Within provides tutoring and mentoring programs for youth in grades K-12. The goal is to instill a sense of belonging in the students through academic success and achievements. The youth program assists students in all school subjects, with an emphasis on the English language and advancing their reading skills. The program runs year round with afterschool sessions during the school year and extended summer sessions during the day. Please visit for more information.

Habitat for Humanity Rice County

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit faith-based housing organization that has built more than 150,000 houses worldwide since 1976, including over 500 in Minnesota. Habitat relies on donated funds and volunteer labor to provide homes for the working poor across the United States and throughout the world. Please visit for more info about what is happening locally.

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