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How do I show an image on the projector but play audio from the CD player at the same time?

In the LDC classrooms, it is possible to play audio from the CD player and show an image on the video projector at the same time.

  1. Select your video source first (document camera or computer), and make sure it's displaying on the large screen
  2. Use the red buttons to return to the main menu on the Panja
  3. Select Play an Audio CD or Cassette
  4. Press play on the CD menu

This is the Main Menu screen on the Panja units in the LDC classrooms.

Note: If you'd like more control over the CD player, you can check out a remote control from the Language Center desk. However, you must remember to return it to the Language Center when you are finished - there is only one remote available for each classroom.

  • 22 March 2005

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