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How do I hide menus from my students until I am ready for them to see them?

As the instructor you have the power to un-assign menu items from either specific students or whole classes so that they do not appear when the student logs in. You can then assign these items when you are ready for the students to have access at your leisure. All menus are "assigned" by default, meaning that they are visible to students with the proper privileges.

Creating Assignments

Use this procedure to temporarily remove items from a menu as a way of limiting the options available. Assignments can be made for individual students or entire classes.
To create an assignment for either a class or student:

  1. Select the Assign menu option.
  2. Choose to assign a student or a class and then enter the user ID or class code. depending on the option selected. Once the user or class is selected, the colour of the displayed menu will turn purple, indicating that assignment mode is active.
  3. Highlight the menu entry you wish to modify, then right-click it.

    The following pop-up menu appears.

  4. Do one of the following:
    1. To disable that item and prevent the student or class from accessing it, choose Un-Assign Item.
    2. To re-enable a previously disabled item, choose Assign item from the menu.
    3. To make the assignment available to the students, choose Save Assign.
  5. When you do not need it anymore, from the Assign menu, choose Remove Assignment.
  • 30 March 2005

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