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How do restrict access to a lesson until I am ready for the students to see it?

There are a few different ways to do this. But the easiest is to use the Wait To Start feature.

Wait To Start

With this feature, the students will still see that the lesson is in the menu. However, when they attempt to access the lesson they are told that the Lesson is Not Available.

To enable the Wait To Start:

  1. open the Tracker of the lesson (NOT the Planner) and choose Wait To Start from the Test menu.


Another way to restrict access is by using assignments. You can Un-Assign a lesson item for a class or for a single student. When you do this, the lesson become invisible to the students and therefore they cannot access it. All lessons are Assigned (meaning they are available to students) by default.

To Un-Assign a Lesson:

  1. Go to the Assign menu of CAN8 (not in the lesson, but in the menus)
  2. Choose to either assign a Student or a Class, then enter the User ID of the student or the class code of the class
  3. The menus should turn purple, you can then Right-Click on any lesson and choose to Un-Assign it from the contextual menu
  4. Un-Assigned lessons (for the student or class you entered) will appear in Red.
  5. To Re-Assign a lesson, follow the steps above except choose to Assign from the contextual menu


  • This feature is most helpful when you want to completely hide the existance of a lesson in the menu system. Perhaps you have a student who has special needs and you'd like only that student to see the exercises in your menu.
  • When Assigning or Un-Assigning for classes, you will need to treat each class section separately.
  • 14 April 2005

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