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How do I get extra languages features for Windows or Microsoft Office?

Microsoft has a variety of tools available for adding extra language features to your installation of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office. The best way to know about what is right for you is to check the most up to date information on Microsoft's website.

Below are some of the links to information on Microsoft's website concerning multilingual computing.

Office 2003 Editions in a Multilingual Environment
A good place to start for information on using languages tools (such as proofing tools, etc.) in MS Office 2003.

Proofing Tools Availability by Language
A chart showing which tools are available for which language.

Office 2003 MUI Pack Availability
Describes how one can obtain the MUI packs, usually only available to institutions with Volume License Agreements.

More to come very soon....

  • cborn, 14 April 2005
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